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Is Apple Listening?

Never give up hope! You have read my last couple of newsletters ranting about Apple not keeping up with technology and my love affair with my new Echo by Amazon. Guess what? Apple must have heard me! Rumors abound of changes that I think would be a good thing for all of us who love Apple products. 

New MacBook Pro with a Touch Screen: Don't you feel stupid when you reach up to your Mac laptop and touch the screen like it's an iPad and wonder why it's not working? Don't lie! You know you do it! Well, I've done it a few times..... ok, I've done it many times. According to Macworld, the next MacBook Pro might include a touch screen and touch ID! Well, it won't exactly be an entire screen. Rumors say there will be an OLED screen above the keyboard that will take place of the function keys on the top which is better than nothing! Touch ID would be great because all you would need is your finger print when getting Apps or music. This new MacBook Pro would feature USB-C which is smaller than standard USB and would make this laptop thin. Look for it around Christmas time, so if you need a new Mac laptop, you might want to wait. Read more about it here: New MacBook Pro 

Apple Echo: I love my Amazon Echo! It lets me activate my bedroom lights, Nest Thermostat and music playlists just with a voice command. I ordered an Amazon Dot which is an extender to the Echo so I can place it in a bedroom or other remote location and it connects with my main Echo. I can walk around the house telling things to turn off or on whenever and wherever I want and it works great! Apple is rumored to be coming out with a Siri powered equivalent to the Amazon Echo. Better late than never! The only thing that I'm worried about is that the device must support Apple's HomeKit which doesn't support everything that I currently have. Time will tell if it will be a hit or another miss. At least Apple is listening. To find out more about this device, click here; Apple Echo

Apple's Vision: When Steve Jobs died, so did Apple's vision. How could it not as it was his vision in the first place. Tim Cook, who Steve Jobs hand selected, is a money man. He is not the visionary that Steve Jobs was. Jony Ives is a design man and makes those visionary things beautiful but they were not his ideas.  It has been 5 years since Steve's death. His last visions are about gone with the invention of the Apple Watch. Now is the time that we will see if Apple can stand on their own without him. I believe they are starting to flounder. The iPhone 7 is coming soon and the rumors are more of the same with the exception of removing the headphone jack and everyone is pissed about that! Now you'll need an adapter just to listen to music with your earbuds. Kind of like removing the power button from the top to the side making it awkward taking a screen shot and accidentally adjusting the volume at the same time. Not a good design and it's still there. The new Samsung phone is waterproof! I want a waterproof iPhone! What about that! Instead of innovating, Apple seems to be scrambling to catch up and they're not doing a great job at it and I am worried. All is not lost as I will never stop loving great Technology no matter who makes it and I will be the first to tell you about it. But I will never give up on Apple. I've been rooting for them since 1984 and I'm not going to stop now!


Great Tech!

Do you ever lose your keys or misplace your purse? Can't find your glasses or wallet? Well, there is a App for that. Purchase this little tile for $25, attach it to whatever you don't want to lose, download the App then find whatever you have attached this Tile to with your iPhone. How slick it that! I wonder if it would work on a 3 year old? Get your first tile here: Tile

Macstock 2016: It will be here soon! Come and join me July 16th & 17th for the Macstock Expo and BBQ in Chicago! Come and learn more about the Apple products you love. I went last year and it was awesome! This year I will be a guest speaker and talk about technology and Seniors. Topics include learning all about the Preview App and it's power;  How to automate your Mac like a wizard!; Using Accessibility for the handicapped; The future of tech and more! It's $149 for the classes and BBQ, plus the hotel night. If you want to go, we can get a carpool going. Click on the picture above to check it out for yourself. I would love to see you there! If you come to my class, you have to promise me that you won't throw tomatoes!

Tech Support Pop Ups!
(People are still falling for this!)

If you get a message on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone or tablet telling you that you have a virus and to call a number it is a scam! Don't do it! I have people fall for this on a daily basis! Please tell your friends and family! I can't say this enough! It is not Apple and or Microsoft! It is some sleazy slime ball that wants to steal from you. Don't let them! Be smart. If this happens to you, print out these instructions and keep them in a folder near your Mac so you know what to do:
Tech Support Fix

What Lakeshore Mac can do for you...

I specialize in many different things that some of you are not aware of. Here is a list of things that I can do for you...
  • Fix your broken Mac, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Diagnose your home and tell you where you are Tech deficient and make recommendations.
  • Set up your Network and configure your router and make sure your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and everything else is connected.
  • Purchase your new equipment and set up your new devices.
  • Upgrade all your systems.
  • Set up your new Apple TV and home theatre system.
  • Set up your house to be a smart house with a Nest thermostat and home alarm system all controlled by your iPhone.
  • Set up iCloud syncing on your Mac or PC.
  • Upgrade your operating systems.
  • Create a Web Site for you that you can then manage yourself.
  • And of course, one on one training or group training on any topic of your choosing. 
  • I can also tile your floor but we won't go there :

SWMMUG Meeting

Next Tuesday, June 7th is the Mac Users Group Meeting! Please join us at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library.  Come join us where we talk about Macs, iPhones and iPads plus Tim will show his favorite App. See you then...

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