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How to Buy an  Device...

How to buy an Apple Device: New Macs, iPhones and iPads are on the way! Of course you can go to the Apple Store and buy anything you want. But do you really know what you want? Have you even questioned why you want it? Did the sales person even ask you what you want to do with your new purchase? Of course they didn't! Apple, Best Buy, Target or Walmart will sell you anything and everything because that's their job. It's up to you to inform yourself and make the correct purchase based on what you do, why you do it and what you want for the future. I have had many people end up with the wrong device and that could be an expensive mistake. Don't be one of them.

Before you purchase a Mac: Go to
This Mac Rumors Buyers Guide Mac section currently looks like this. Under the Mac models, they will tell you in red, Don't Buy! That means a new model is on it's way! "So why is it important to get the newest model?" you ask. Here's why:
  1. Apple's cycle for a new Mac is 4 years. If you purchase last years model, you just cut one year off.
  2. Operating systems change every other year and require more powerful hardware! Mac OS Sierra will be here shortly and will work on a 2010 Mac or newer. If your Mac is older than that, it can no longer be updated and is now stuck in a time warp. If will work for a while, but as technology marches on, it will start showing it's age and give you a big headache.
  3. A new Mac is always followed by new printers, scanners, cameras, Apps and such that will only support the new operating system and you get left out.

  1. Wrong Model: I just had someone go to the Apple Store and buy a "New" Mac. She told the sales person that she needed a Mac with a CD drive so the sales person sold her a "New" Mac but it was a 2012 Model. That's like going to get a new car and they have a 2012 model sitting on the lot that is technically new because no one has ever owned it and it has been sitting there for 4 years so they sell it to you as new! Who would buy a car like that!  I am really pissed at Apple for doing this to people who don't understand technology. Now this person has a 4 year old Mac that Apple considers obsolete before she even gets it out the door! She has 2 years of use before the operating system can no longer be upgraded. That just sucks! The only person who should buy a 2012 MacBook Pro is someone like me who understands what they are getting! They should have sold her a MacBook Pro Retina model with an external SuperDrive for her CDs for an extra $80! 
  2. Underpowered Model: The new Mac's are mostly solid state which mean lighter, faster, brighter and more powerful then ever before. What it also means is that these new models can no longer be upgraded. So if you purchased a Mac in the past with the thought of upgrading it later, those days are gone! Buy the biggest drive and most memory you can as you can not add it later and the only way to upgrade will be to purchase another Mac!
  3. Overpowered Model: The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you even need a Mac at all? Will an iPad or iPhone do the job? A Mac runs a different operating system than an iPhone or iPad. The major difference is that on a Mac, you use Program loaded on it or you log into accounts like Facebook through Safari. On an iPhone or iPad you use Apps to do the same thing. These Apps are like little concentrated versions of their Internet cousins and are usually much easier to use. If you must have a Mac, should you buy an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? 
How to purchase a Mac Wisely:   Here is a quick way to determine which Mac to buy. 

Desktop or laptop:  
  • Desktop: If you never need to take the Mac with you, get a Desktop Mac like an iMac. If you are like me and want to swap out Mac's frequently, get a Mac mini and you will keep your same monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you are a professional and produce movies, music or art for a living, get a Mac Pro.
  • Laptop: If you travel and need a portable Mac, get a Mac laptop. The laptop for most people is the MacBook Air. If you are a frequent traveler, get a MacBook, if you are a professional and produce movies, music or art for a living, get a MacBook Pro.
Where to buy: A Mac costs the same no matter where you buy it. The Apple Store, Best Buy, or Target are the major stores that carry Macs.

Before you purchase an iPad/iPhone or iPod: Go to  

The Mac Rumors Buyers Guide iPhone/iPad/iPod section currently looks like this. Under the models, they will tell you in red, Don't Buy, yellow, Caution and Neutral for products that are in mid cycle. Here is what you need to know:
  1. Apple's cycle for a new iPhone is 2 years. Of corse you can keep your phone longer if it is working for you. The iPad is a little longer at 3 years.
  2. Operating systems change every other year and require more powerful hardware just like their Mac counterpart. iOS 10 will be here shortly and will work on an iPhone 5 or above, An iPad Air or above, an iPad mini 2 or above or a 6th Gen iPod.  If your iPhone or iPad is older than that, it can no longer be updated and is now stuck in a time warp. If will work for a while, but as technology marches on, it will start showing it's age and give you a big headache.
  3. Apps will only work with newer systems and you will be stuck with what you have.
  1. Wrong Model: I just had someone call me and tell me that they needed a service call because their iPad wasn't working when they traveled and they could not use Maps. When I looked at their iPad, I found that it was Wi-Fi only and could not connect to the cell towers that they needed when using the Maps App while traveling. Sorry, new iPad! You can not add cellular later once you purchase an iPad. 
  2. Underpowered Model: An iPad Air 2 is much different than an iPad 2! Make sure that some sales person doesn't try to sell you an older model that they have laying around in their stock room. Know the difference. An iPad mini 2 is slower than an iPad mini 4. You can save $200 but know what you're getting. For an additional $125 you can get a Cellular and Wi-Fi model. It's better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it because you can't add it later. You don't have to activate the cellular until you need it and then it's month to month with no contract. If you can afford an iPhone 6, get it! typing on an iPhone 5 keyboard is so small and you constantly make mistakes, especially with passwords! It's worth the money for the extra screen size. It's also worth the money to get more storage on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Get 64GB or more and you'll be happy you did.
  3. Overpowered Model: The iPad Pro is a thing of beauty! If I was an artist like my sister, I would get one, but I'm not so no matter how beautiful, I don't need it. Plus, the 12" iPad Pro with the keyboard case and Apple pencil will cost you more than a MacBook Air!
How to purchase an iPhone/iPad/ iPod Wisely:   Here is a quick way to determine which one to buy. 

  • Pro, Air 2 or mini: If you are an artist, architect or other professional, then the iPad Pro is for you. If you are not, get an iPad Air 2. If you like a smaller size like I do to carry in my purse at all times, get an iPad mini.
  • iPhone SE, 6, 6s or 6 Plus: If your phone is old and is no longer working for you, get a new one. Stay away from the iPhone SE as it is the same size as the older 5 with the guts of the 6. Get it only if you need the small size. The iPhone 6 is a great deal. I have the iPhone 6s and hardly ever use the 3D touch the the s stands for. iOS 10 is suppose to add better functionality for this feature. If you don't have an iPad and want a iPhone/iPad combination or Phablet, get the 6 Plus. The screen is amazing!
  • Teenagers like them. My grandson told me he wanted one because it was easy to hide. Lots of people use the shuffle or Nano for workouts because they are small. Whatever suits your purpose is what you need to get.

 Where to buy: Try your service provider first for iPhones. They can sometimes upgrade you for next to noting. For an iPad or iPod, they cost the same no matter where you buy them. The Apple Store, Best Buy, or Target are the major stores that carry these devices.

I hope I have helped you to make an informed decision when purchasing your new  device. If you need more information, give me a call and I will be more than happy to help.

Great Tech!

I just purchased this Rocketfish 4-port HDMI Switch at BestBuy for $70.  My 55" HDTV only has 2 HDMI ports and with a Direct TV DVR, Samsung BlueRay, Apple TV and Sony Playstation, I was way over the limit! My old Belkin switch could not handle my new AppleTV 4. This switch is full 1080p and 3D video. My AppleTV now works flawlessly. This switch has a remote to change ports but I have found that it automatically switches to the strongest signal. I love it! If you need one, you can get it here: Rocketfish HDMI Switch.

LMC Community Ed Classes: I will not be teaching Community Ed classes this semester as they are going through some changes. Hopefully I'll have something for you in the Spring.

Tech Support Pop Ups!
(People are still falling for this!)

If you get a message on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone or tablet telling you that you have a virus and to call a number it is a scam! Don't do it! I have people fall for this on a daily basis! Please tell your friends and family! I can't say this enough! It is not Apple and or Microsoft! It is some sleazy slime ball that wants to steal from you. Don't let them! Be smart. If this happens to you, print out these instructions and keep them in a folder near your Mac so you know what to do:
Tech Support Fix

What Lakeshore Mac can do for you...

I specialize in many different things that some of you are not aware of. Here is a list of things that I can do for you...
  • Fix your broken Mac, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Diagnose your home and tell you where you are Tech deficient and make recommendations.
  • Set up your Network and configure your router and make sure your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and everything else is connected.
  • Purchase your new equipment and set up your new devices.
  • Upgrade all your systems.
  • Set up your new Apple TV and home theatre system.
  • Set up your house to be a smart house with a Nest thermostat and home alarm system all controlled by your iPhone.
  • Set up iCloud syncing on your Mac or PC.
  • Upgrade your operating systems.
  • Create a Web Site for you that you can then manage yourself.
  • And of course, one on one training or group training on any topic of your choosing. 
  • I can also tile your floor but we won't go there :

SWMMUG Meeting

Next Tuesday, September 6th is the Mac Users Group Meeting! Please join us at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library where we will talk about Macs, iPhones, and iPads. See you then...

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