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The Doldrums of Summer...

The Doldrums of Summer are here! Lazy hot days before the air turns crisp and the leaves start to glow. The doldrums of tech seem to be here too. Not much happening. No new products. Nothing earth shattering to announce. Just a lazy summer passing the time with what we already have. So now you have no excuse to get things in order before the chaotic days of back to school and the holidays come back at full force! This is what you should be doing.....

Security: Passwords, passcodes, and passphrases are things you know about and must have if you are going to participate in a digital world. You know that you should have a different one for every site you visit. Right? Of course you know that but few of you do it. The problem with having the same password for everything is that if the bad guys get one, they get them all! The bad thing about having different passwords for every site is that if you forget it or lose your sticky notes with your passwords on them you only succeed in locking yourself out of your own stuff. What should you do?

Password Manager: You must have a password manager! Let me say that again... you must have a password manager! There are too many passwords for you to remember and it is impossible for you to do it alone. 1Password is free on your iPhone and iPad. If you don't have it, get it and use it. You will only have to remember one password, open the vault, then reveal the passwords to your other accounts. You must enter all the data to each and every account you have on-line first. You only have to do this once or if you sign up for another user name and password on a different site. It is something that you must manage but is a whole lot better than all the sticky notes and little note books with a thousand passwords scratched off and you can't remember what was what. I'm not singling anyone out as you all do it. Please do yourself a favor and get 1Password on your iPhone and use it. You will find it in the App Store.

Passwords: 1Password will generate tough passwords for you, but you must have the App available at all times and if you use a Mac and don't buy 1Password for the Mac for $40, you can't copy and paste it. This is what I do, I have an 8 character password I use all the time. Then I have 4 numbers I use. I also have a character I use all the time. I put them together starting with a capital letter then add them together and add the name of the site to the end. Example: Apple1234ebay*. Can you guess where I would use that? Here's another, Apple1234amazon* can you guess where I would use this one. I do this with every password, enter them in 1Password, then print out a list and keep it in a safe place for my family just in case something would happen to me. You have to have a plan before the fact! Do it while you have time this summer.

Social Media Safety: Who doesn't love Facebook and Twitter. I have many friends on Social Media who I love to interact with and talk to everyday. Some I have even met face to face. You still need to be safe. Here's how:
  • Twitter: I use Twitter to get technical help all the time. If my Internet provider goes down, all I need to do it tweet @frontier and I will get an answer if they are down or not. How they are taking advantage of people is that scammers will look for these types of Tweets and pretend to be Frontier and they direct you to their site and get you to enter your user name, password or even your credit card. Don't do it. Never navigate to a site from a link in Twitter, go there yourself.
  • Live Stream Lies: I have had several people fall for these types of scams. You see an advertisement that says you can see a big game free or for a very small fee, you either download a browser hijack or they take your money and run. Only view from trusted sites like ESPN or local networks.
  • Facebook: Contests and surveys can be a way to steal your user information. Also celebrity gossip and click bait articles. Never enter your true identity, phone number or email address!
Downloads: If you have a Mac, you must be very careful where you download Apps from. The safest place is from the Mac App Store. If you must download from somewhere else, make sure you know what you are doing or you can be in a world of hurt.

Backing up: Please tell me you have a backup plan! I just had someone turn off their Time Machine backup for a year and wished he hadn't when he upgraded to El Capitan and it broke lots of his tried and true Applications. He did not have a path to go back. If you have a Mac, you need an external drive to back up to. Just get one at any store and plug it in. The Mac will do the rest. For your iPad and iPhone, make sure you have the Backup switched on in your iCloud settings. Backing up to an on-line source is also a good thing to do as you can never have enough backups. I use SOS backup because it lets me have 5 Macs and unlimited iPhones and iPads for $5 a month! It is well worth the peace of mind to have your valuable pictures and documents in more than one place. Please have a backup so that I won't have to hurt you!

I hope this information helps you to get your digital life in order this summer! Oh and if someone calls you on the phone and tells you that they are from Microsoft and you have a virus, HANG UP!

Great Tech!

I love this little Bluetooth Speaker with Night Light by LEDMO on sale for $36.89 on Amazon. 7 colors of soft light can wake you or can drift you off to sleep. This speaker acts as a dimable table lamp, bluetooth speaker, hands-free speakerphone, TF card player and an alarm clock! You can change the color just by touching it. Get one here: Bluetooth Speaker with Night Lite.

Macstock 2016: What a blast! I did so much and learned so much. The cumulative amount of knowledge in the room was unbelievable. We had speakers that taught us robotics, how to use an iPad or iPhone for the blind, using the new iPad Pro and on and on. I did a skit and a class with Melissa Davis aka The Mac Mommy on teaching seniors and it was a hit. I took 88 year old Edna Doyle with me as she is a geek with every kind of Apple device there is. She was an inspiration to all and they loved her! Here is a link to a little part of the skit that we did called Senior Moments. I'm the Granny in the chair, click here: Senior Skit

Tech Support Pop Ups!
(People are still falling for this!)

If you get a message on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone or tablet telling you that you have a virus and to call a number it is a scam! Don't do it! I have people fall for this on a daily basis! Please tell your friends and family! I can't say this enough! It is not Apple and or Microsoft! It is some sleazy slime ball that wants to steal from you. Don't let them! Be smart. If this happens to you, print out these instructions and keep them in a folder near your Mac so you know what to do:
Tech Support Fix

What Lakeshore Mac can do for you...

I specialize in many different things that some of you are not aware of. Here is a list of things that I can do for you...
  • Fix your broken Mac, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Diagnose your home and tell you where you are Tech deficient and make recommendations.
  • Set up your Network and configure your router and make sure your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and everything else is connected.
  • Purchase your new equipment and set up your new devices.
  • Upgrade all your systems.
  • Set up your new Apple TV and home theatre system.
  • Set up your house to be a smart house with a Nest thermostat and home alarm system all controlled by your iPhone.
  • Set up iCloud syncing on your Mac or PC.
  • Upgrade your operating systems.
  • Create a Web Site for you that you can then manage yourself.
  • And of course, one on one training or group training on any topic of your choosing. 
  • I can also tile your floor but we won't go there :

SWMMUG Meeting

Next Tuesday, August 2nd is the Mac Users Group Meeting! Please join us at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library. Make sure you vote before you come.
We will have a guest speaker talk to us about how to keep safe while traveling. You won't want to miss it! See you then...

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