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Nuclear Back In The Spotlight
Depending on who you ask, Nuclear power is either the best solution to our growing power needs and the accompanying carbon crisis, or an ecological disaster waiting to happen. Ever since the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan after a major earthquake and tsunami, fear of a meltdown has been foremost in the public imagination, but the plants remain one of the few highly-scalable sources of energy that don't rely on fossil fuels. This week we take a look at some new options, some old problems, some worries and a whole lot of opinions on nuclear power and it's place in the American energy grid.

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A Smaller, Safer Nuclear ReactorA Smaller, Safer Nuclear ReactorWhat if a nuclear reactor was smaller, safer and cheaper? Our latest segment on Bloomberg West looks at NuScale Power's Small Modular Reactor - a plant that might solve many of the problems encountered during the Fukushima disaster.

Splitting Main Street – The Nuclear Energy DebateSplitting Main Street: The Nuclear DebateThe nuclear debate is a fierce one, and it split two towns, one in Vermont and one in Georgia, when the debate came to their doorsteps.

After Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster: How Much Radioactivity in the Oceans?After Fukushima DaiichiToday's nuclear energy discussions invariably touch on what happened at Japan's Fukushima plant in 2011. The National Science Foundation takes a look at the radioactive impact on the oceans.
Ask Bill NyeAsk Bill Nye: Is Nuclear Safe?Bill Nye, the voice of American science for many kids and grown-ups alike, tackles the tough question of nuclear safety two minutes into this exclusive Planet Forward interview.
Maybe You Don’t Know NukesMaybe You Don't Know NukesEver wondered why scientists would change long-held positions in favor of nuclear power plant construction? Check out this joint article from Planet Forward and National Geographic to find out where the scientists are falling on the issue.
Nuclear Power is Not the Answer to Climate ChangeThe Nuclear Watchdog
Beyond Nuclear, a watchdog organization, puts their view into the public square: nuclear power (and the accompanying radioactive waste) is not the answer to the climate change crisis.

Planet Forward: Our Energy FutureOur Energy Future
Want an in-depth look at nuclear power and all the other major options for climate-friendly power in the United States? Take a look back at our first Planet Forward special, where we looked at innovations in nuclear, wind, solar and more.

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