Happy Let the Cat Out of the Bag Day!
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Free the Mischief

It's time to contemplate the playfulness of our shadow side

It’s October, and once again we are celebrating our annual Wilderness of Wish holiday: Let the Cat Out of the Bag Day. The day is an ode to our boldest, most irreverent, faithful moments. The moments when we toss caution to the wind and change something big, trusting that even if we land upside down, we'll be better for it. Wilderness friend and writer, Caitlin Van Dusen takes on this year's observance...

Last year the holiday found us musing on secrets kept and revealed. This year, with Halloween closer on the horizon, our thoughts have turned to a different sort of concealment and disclosure: trickery. For better or worse, “trick” has been virtually eliminated from “trick-or-treating,” and we no longer play tricks on our neighbors when we are denied treats.

We happen to love the excuse of a festive disguise, like these glittery cat’s-eye glasses, to engage in some fun and harmless pranks. What would happen if instead of filling our treat bags, we let a little something of ourselves out of them? Our mischievous side has so few opportunities to present itself! 

Cats and birds, of course, have known for eons about trickery and the thrill of almost being caught. The cat springs from the bag in pursuit of a beautiful bird. The bird scurries back into the bag for safety. The cat pounces on the bag and the bird escapes, fluttering out of reach. The cycle continues. 


Elliott Erwitt, Orleans, 1962. 

Perhaps we can take a moment on this day to contemplate the playfulness of our shadow side. Take some of our shop birds, light a candle, and see what shapes appear. Enjoy your treats as well as your tricks. Keep an open bag and an open mind.

—Caitlin Van Dusen, Wilderness of Wish

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