Your newsroom wants to transform for the digital age. You talk about web-first publishing, and you publish some breaking news on your website first. You may have blogs where your reporters post occasionally.

But the reality is that you still have to put out the newspaper everyday, and the workflow for producing the print product and the workflow for publishing on the web are simply not aligned.

So your newsroom produces most content for print first, which you then publish on the web late in the day or at night, too often as an afterthought. Web editors carry the entire burden of adapting the content for the web, adding links and multimedia, when they could be spending that time producing their own original content. When stories are published web first, reporters and editors waste time copying and pasting back into the print front end system, adding disincentive to any web-first workflow.

In fact, the whole print-web workflow is rife with inefficiencies like copying and pasting. Even further downstream in the workflow is sharing on social media and updating mobile/tablet apps, which are layers removed from the core newsroom workflow for print.

But what if your newsroom could produce all content for the web first, using your website content management system, which is optimized for that workflow, and then seamlessly flow everything into your print editorial system to produce the newspaper? What if you could “sync” your web CMS with your front end system, so that updates on the web would be immediately sent to editors working on pages for print, and changes made for the newspaper (e.g. copy editing, changes on pages) could be updated automatically on the web?

This goes way beyond "reverse publishing." Imagine a unified publishing system, with all the benefits that your front end system has for producing the newspapers and all the benefits that your web CMS has for publishing on the web -- but without the huge cost and time required to buy and implement a new publishing system. And without the risk that an expensive new system won't deliver on its promise

Imagine a workflow that enables continuous digital-first publishing, for the web, mobile/tablet apps, and community engagement in social media, and that also fully supports producing the newspaper on deadline.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's true.

Solution: Connect Your Publishing Systems

Publish2 has solved the decade-old problem of how to fully integrate print and web workflows by enabling you to connect all of your existing publishing systems. Publish2's content distribution technology bridges the gap between your web CMS, which only outputs webfeeds, and your front end editorial system, which isn't even connected to the internet. We bridge the gap by using the formats and delivery mechanisms that your systems already support.

From your web CMS, Publish2 imports your web-first content via a simple RSS feed. We then export the content to your front end system using the same formats that traditional wire services use, because the one thing every editorial system has in common is that they are set up to receive content from wire services.

Publish2 even supports the old satellite feed format (ANPA), which is the only format that older systems can ingest (and, yes, that’s the format that all of your sports agate macros use). Publish2 also supports the legacy category codes that you already use for routing.

In the other direction, Publish2 imports content from your front end system using the web export formats that you already have set up.  We can deliver those formats into your web CMS database using import processes that those systems already have set up (e.g. import NITF XML files via FTP).

In the middle, Publish2 acts as an internal wire service, moving updated versions of the stories between the print and web systems, using wire service standards for story updates. Publish2 supports high resolution photos, automatically parses the IPTC data, and creates web versions of photos.

Beyond web and print, Publish2 can post links to your social media accounts and provide feeds to update your mobile/tablet apps in real time.

But wait, there's more...

Connect to the Network

Now that you have all of your content on the Publish2 platform and all of your publishing systems connected, you can easily:

  • Share content with sister publications across your news company -- create an internal newswire by connecting every newsroom’s publishing system, even if they are all different!
  • Share contnet with regional partners -- no more emailing content back and forth!
  • Receive content from alternative newswires, including national, international, features, sports news and agate
  • Create a blog network and publish full content from community contributors, in print and in digital
  • Create newswires for local businesses and governments
  • Distribute your content to new platforms like Flipboard, Ongo, and

Using Publish2 for print-web integration plugs your newsroom into a fast-growing network of connected newsrooms.

Here's what publishing connected to the network looks like:

Graphic of Publishing Connected to the Network

Interested in seeing Publish2 in action? Let’s us know, and we'd be happy to give you a demo.

Here's more on print-web workflow: How to Make It Easy For Newspapers to Link on the Web

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