Oxford Martin School Newsletter September 2011. In this issue: Is the planet full? | What geoengineering needs | A new vision for South Africa
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Is the planet full?

Is the planet full? Balancing the needs of a growing population.
Is our planet becoming too full to support its human population? Are we facing a scarcity of food, water, energy and care? Or will an increased population bring opportunities as the wealth of human talent increases? Starting on October 13, the Oxford Martin School's new seminar series will bring fresh perspectives on the impacts of population growth. Read more...
International Migration Institute

Latest updates

New Directors at IMI: Dr Oliver Bakewell and Dr Hein de Haas to take over joint directorship
IQ2 If Conference: Oxford Martin subscriber discount

Palm oil

Featured Research

Food & biodiversity by Charles Godfray
The impact of oil palm expansion on environmental change by Jake Snaddon et al
Blackwell Oxford

Events coming up

13/14 October: 'Exceptional People' in Oxford and London with Ian Goldin
20 October: Gender in an ageing society seminar series

See more events...

Policy Briefing

Exploring global megatrends in migration: What are the long term driving forces for the movement of people?
Webcasts from Oxford alumni weekend

Featured webcasts

Meeting minds and future challenges: webcasts from Oxford Alumni Weekend

Latest news

Press coverage

Ireland’s unexpected economic comeback in the FT
Tidal turbines in New Scientist
Public help with research projects in The Sunday Times
Workshop with South African Ministers

A new vision for South Africa

Policy workshop: "Super connectivity" and the acceleration of change - experts plan for South Africa's future. Read more...
Interview with transport expert, David Bonilla

Transport - the way forward

Reducing carbon emissions, implementing congestion charges and white vans. Transport expert, David Bonilla, shares his views.
Susan Lea at World Economic Forum

Technology and global influence

World Economic Forum: Influential ideas at the cutting edge of new technology. Read more...

Geoengineering- Oxford Principles

What geoengineering needs now

Academics call for an internationally accepted code of conduct.  Read more…
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