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Have your say on green food

Food futures

Your chance to make UK food policies easier to swallow
Ethics of brain transplants and immortality
Eco marathon entry

Race to efficiency

Competing to push the frontiers of vehicle efficiency
Back to Basics

Back to basics

Creativity, innovation and inspiration come from curiosity driven research
Ancient coral samples shed light on rising sea levels

Coral insights

Ancient coral gives clue to sea level rise
Nuclear futures

Our nuclear age

Dr James Martin: 'The war and peace of the nuclear age'

Pascal Lamy calls for a Declaration of Global Rights

A question of governance

WTO's Pascal Lamy calls for global governance restructuring. Watch the lecture; Read the blog
Oxford Martin School events

Dehumanization & Co-evolution

Psychological dynamics of severe conflict: April 17, Thomas Homer-Dixon
Human integration with emerging technologies: April 23, Parag & Ayesha Khanna
The last century of youth?

Lifestyle & longevity

Global demographic transitions - the last century of youth. Watch our seminar webcast
Oxford Martin School in the press

Press Coverage

Globalization pros & cons RussiaToday
A chinking time bomb The Economist
Is the $6m man possible? BBC News
The World Bank is flirting with irrelevance FT

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