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A game of ideas at the WEF
Cruising toward climate prediction
Growing a new climate?

Research Focus

The crucial role of plant life in climate change.
research from
Professor Liam Dolan

Bringing finance back to the economy

Policy & impact

Why bring finance back to the economy? Professor John Muellbauer explains
Oxford Martin School in the press

Press coverage

Brain stimulation 'not a magic pill' BBC Radio 4
Rookie stargazers spot unknown world Daily Mail
Smarter, faster, better humans – how far should we go?


Smarter, faster, better humans – when does human enhancement cross the line?
Featured webcasts

Featured webcast

Can new technology remedy costly chronic healthcare? Watch the panel discussion and comment on the blog
The science, governance and ethics of climate intervention techniques

Discussion & debate

The science, governance and ethics of climate intervention unveiled at Oxford Geoengineering Programme's interactive seminar series
Events in February

Event highlights

Securing our cyber future: Feb 16
Charles Go
dfray: Feeding 9-10 billion people Feb 22
Steve Rayner: Water security Feb 22
Mark Sheehan: Allocating healthcare Feb 23
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