Oxford Martin School Newsletter September 2012

Oxford Martin School launches
Commission for Future Generations

Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations

With a focus on securing the long term in national and global decision making, the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations launched this week with a high-level meeting in Oxford. Chaired by Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, and involving business and thought leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, the Commission seeks to identify ways to overcome today's impasse in key economic, climate, trade, security and other negotiations. More 

Other news highlights...

Tracking epidemic spread

Infection control

Exciting new research on infectious disease has led to a breakthrough in the potential to predict the spread of epidemics, and a boost for vaccine design. 
  • Genome sequencing helps track and predict the spread of infectious disease. More
  • Promising results for compound which boosts the effects of flu, HIV and herpes vaccines. More
Securing the future of food

Feast not famine

Two recent reports on food security bring critical challenges into focus with evidence-based and practical recommendations to avoid food system failure.
  • Refining our understanding of how to produce more food using fewer inputs is crucial. More
  • Food supply chain contributors must pull together to keep food affordable without destroying nature. More

One-stop 'geo' shop

In an effort to open debate and inform the general public about climate intervention technologies, our geoengineering team has developed a comprehensive online repository for academic publications and related resources.
  • The GeoLibrary - an important step in the direction of universally accessible information on all aspects of geoengineering. More.
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