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The Little White Newsletter
Welcome to the first edition of the Little White Newsletter (or LWN)!  This is the newsletter for my blog, This Game of Thrones.

I hope that this tiny monthly newsletter will give you some tasty li'l snippets of Tarot info for you - all killer, no filler.

Ali x 

Three Tastilicious Tarot websites

1 - Sacred Texts is THE most useful site for esoteric publications that are in the public domain.  Check out their Tarot offerings here: 2 - Tarotpedia is an excellent free resource based on the wiki principle. See what they've got to say about the Tarot stuff that you're interested in: 3 - Joan Bunning's free Tarot lessons for anyone who really wants to learn to use their Tarot decks without referring to Little White Books or indeed Big Colourful Books of any description!

Kickstarter Tarot project Knighton is creating a full 78-card deck for the Stolen Child Tarot.  

It's gorgeous and worthy of support.  Find out more here on Kickstarter.   You can 'Like' the facebook page here 

new Tarot concept!

Tarot Thrones | 1000 Spreads - Tierney Sadler
The Deck of 1000 spreads:  Your Tarot Toolkit For Creating The Perfect Spread For Any Situation - by Tierny Sadler

A set of cards with positional values already marked on them, to mix and match and help you create a wealth of wonderful, meaningful spreads.  You can buy it here.  Am hoping that some kind Tarot Fairy procures me a review copy of this!
Alison Cross | Tarot Thrones

Upcoming Events in 2013

Readers Studio 2013
26/28 April
La Guardia Mariott Hotel
New York
Click here to find our more

10th Anniversary of the UK Tarot Conference

10th 11th & 12th October 2013
City Thistle Barbican Hotel
click here to find out more

Riviera Tarot Conference
25/26 October 2013
Riviera International Centre
click here to find out more

Are you running a Tarot event?

Please get in touch and I'll be happy to add it to the list!

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