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Every Sunday, San Angelo Real Estate LIVE! promotes the Concho Valley’s real estate is a very big way.

For our regular subscribers, please excuse us while we promote a very good product we offer. For the real estate professional, and anyone curious, this email offers insight into how we produce the weekly West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email and real estate promotions. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested.

The Top Showcase home in the January 15, 2023 edition of West Texas Real Estate LIVE! that was viewed by 28,080 people. 1709 Crystal Point Dr. is listed for $850,000 by Kevin Kent (325) 374-4564.

The Pulse of the Local Real Estate Market

Since 2018, San Angelo LIVE! has produced the Sunday real estate email. Our mission is simple: Produce a product built for real estate agents that was effective while maintaining a cost structure that allowed even the start-up agent an equal voice. The email uses a combination of email, social media engagement, and Search Engine Optimization to showcase and promote real estate for sale in the Concho Valley weekly.

The West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email offers several ways to promote a home or commercial property for sale:

You can view our most recent edition of the West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email here, along with links to back issues.


ABOVE: The Top Showcase ad as seen in the 1/15/2023 edition of West Texas Real Estate LIVE!, a weekly email depicting the pulse of the San Angelo, Texas real estate market.

We have the capability to showcase up to three homes per week. A Top Showcase headlines the Sunday West Texas Real Estate LIVE! Email and is shared not online in the real estate email (14,000 subscribers) but as a gallery on Facebook (65k followers), Twitter (5716 followers), and Instagram (8,014 followers). It is also the cover image for the Sunday Real Estate story that headlines Finally, it is featured as part of a push notification to 21,100 phone app subscribers who accept push notifications from us. All said and done, the Top Showcase provides our audience 113,800 times to view it.

A Showcase Subfeature is placed in the middle of the West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email and shared only on Facebook, with an audience potential of 79,000 invitations to view.

Here is an example of the Sunday (1/15) Top Showcase purchased by Kevin Kent Real Estate. Above are the Facebook stats only. Below are the total stats:

Media Type Views
Facebook 22,847 views
Instagram 907 views
Twitter 254 views 858 page views
Email 3,314 unique opens
Total Views 28,080 views
Unique Interest measured by clicks 244

We had a single Subfeature Showcase provided by Shawn Box at ERA Newlin. Here are the statistics:

Media Type Views
Facebook 22,434 views
Email 3,314 unique opens
Total Views 25,748 views
Unique interest measured by clicks 132
ABOVE: A Showcase Subfeature example. This home was listed by the Shawn Box Team in the 1/15/2023 edition of West Texas Real Estate LIVE!

Newest Listings on Market

Newest Listings in San Angelo are simply three homes recently listed. These three placements in the email receive almost as much engagement as the Subfeature. This week’s three listings were:

New Listing Email Opens Clicks
2532 Lindenwood (ERA) 3,314 Unique Opens 122 clicks
1925 A&M Ave (S Allison) 3,314 Unique Opens 60 clicks
2233 Classen (CBL) 3,314 Unique Opens 57 clicks

Featured Homes for Sale

ABOVE: The Featured Listing block placed by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Addresses Realtors® in the 1/15/2023 edition of West Texas Real Estate LIVE!

Featured Listings offer several benefits. The first is the listings are grouped by broker in the weekly West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email. The second is the featured listings are on our website under the Featured Listings tab on our website. The links for each featured listing directs the audience member to the broker website, not ours. The links are tagged with "DO FOLLOW" and that means each of the featured listings gives the broker website Google authority -- what we call "Google juice" -- that enhances the broker website's Search Engine Optimization.

Featured listings are sold in groupings of three. Each featured listing averages 20-40 clicks per week. An example is above, of the Berkshire Hathaway featured listings grouping from the 1/15/2023 edition.

Open House Listings

Our open house product is effective. Before we launched the West Texas Real Estate LIVE! product in 2018, we measured some open houses that attracted only one or two visitors. Many agents did not utilize the open house in their marketing efforts. After our launch, we revisited with key real estate agents and found that open house engagement had increased five-fold. Some open house hosts reported as many as 25 visits on a Sunday afternoon. We found that consistency and frequency of promoting open houses generated a significant opportunity for San Angelo's real estate agents.
ABOVE: The Open House stream in the weekly West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email.
ABOVE: A West Texas Real Estate LIVE! open house listing as seen on Facebook. This particular listing had extremely high engagement on social media.

We have found that directing our audience to expect an Open House Tour on Sunday from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. obtains the best engagement. We can schedule Open House listings for any day, however, we suggest adding “something special” to attempt to lift the off-Sunday open house event to Sunday’s levels. Also, the sooner you submit your open house listing, the better chance it has to get viewed.

Engagement on the open houses is enhanced if the property has a cool photo (pool photos are great!) or an interesting story (high price in a low-end neighborhood or vis versa).

Here are the top open houses for the week of 1/10-1/15/2023, of the 38 Open House listings:

Place Address of Open House Clicks
1. 6222 Log Cabin Trail 426 Clicks
2. 1709 Crystal Point Dr. 314 Clicks
3. 2321 Venado Dr. 286 Clicks
4. 7168 Club Creek Ln. 280 Clicks
5. 1613 Grierson St 222 Clicks
6. 2061 Beaty Rd 159 Clicks
7. 5452 Grey Wolf Ln. 157 Clicks
8. 9 Southridge Dr 153 Clicks
9. 2756 Rice Ave 147 Clicks
10. 4229 Sedona Tr. 145 Clicks


Item Price
Top Showcase $175
Subfeature Showcase $100
Featured Listings $75 per 3
(first row includes header)
Featured Listings (each additional row of 3) $30
Newest on Market $75 per email
(3 available)
Open House $40 per property per tour date

To place properties in the next edition of West Texas Real Estate LIVE!, email Judy Hyde at or call her at (325) 212-2445 or (325) 340-1238. DEADLINE: Thursday at CLOSE OF BUSINESS (6 p.m.). Submissions via email are accepted at

You can view our most recent edition of the West Texas Real Estate LIVE! email here, along with links to back issues.

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