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The new book is happening! Pre-order now!  It was a rollercoaster Kickstarter, and I did not meet the goal, but it all worked out. Pledgers are stepping up and ordering/pledging on my blog, and the book will be birthed. I am so grateful, and happy! All books will ship February 1.

So many things are percolating:

  • Newsletters now have "subscribers only deals" 
  • Available now for adoption at the shop. Sewing felted creatures like Piglet shown below, with many new mohair pieces  to come in the next months 
  • New prints at the shop, and paintings.
  • I am working on a way to share fictional pieces and puppet movies 

  • 10% off any painting on the shop through  December. Just let me know which piece you are interested in and I can arrange it
  • Donkey Wisdom Journal Normally $15 each, but for subscribers $10 each through December [plus shipping]. Orders over 10 copies are $8.50 each plus shipping. Just let me know how many you want and I can let you know the shipping.
  • Through December, each time you buy a book at the shop, get 6 Misfit postcards

I am excited to share with you we will be creating a Helaing Cat Suite for elderly/special needs cats! I will be sharing more information in the next month.

We are preparing the elder Misfits for their first Maine winter. Finding good hay was a struggle, and is much more costly than Oregon, but we managed to find good hay by late summer. Hope to do better as we meet more farms.

We greatly miss little Raggedy Man, who died this summer. And soon after, the huge loss of our beloved 12 year old lab, Huck. That was so sad, he developed a type of wasting cancer almost over night it seemed, in his throat. It was so sad to say goodbye. I am so grateful he came with us to Maine though. They are buried near M'Lady Apple and I often go and visit with them.

Scooby Keith, who usually gets colds this time of year is doing really great. He follows me around with chores, wears his jacket at night and is strong and holding his weight, albeit a skinny weight. He is going on 16.

Old Matilda the donkey is also keeping her weight on well. We had a real issue with biting flies, and she got an infection but we treated her and she is fine. Next year we will wrap her legs, and get fly eaters to try to help.

The White Dogs are content, and we do hear a lot of coyotes in the heavily wooded area we live in so all is well.

The Secret Sisters [the hens] and Francis the rooster are fine, although no eggs yet and I've told them to step up their game.

Big Tony is aging, and we have stepping stools all over for him so he can get on his bed and chairs. We so miss Itty, and Peach too [who both are living at the old farm] but for now we are doting on one cat. Can you believe it, only one cat? That will change!

Moose, Goose, Sophie, Earnest, Eleanor, Scooby Keith, Sir Tripod Goat, Wilbur the Flying Acrobatic Gaot, The White Dog, Rosie the Pig, Mud, Hughie, The Head Troll, Boone, Pino, Paco, Lucia, Matilda, Scooby Keth, The Secret Sisters, Francis, Cornelia, Lady Birdie, Velma, Little Sylvia Pettini, Calla, Annah Assumpta, Lillian, and Louisa...who did I forget...all say happy autumnal dreams to you!


Me and our charming gentleman rooster, Francis.
Be more donkey.

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I want to get through one winter before seeking out more Misfits, which is the wise thing to do. We have the new barn done, but still need electricity to it. Our frost free water lines are ready and the hay is in the barn! Buying art and books, and donations allow me to keep going.

For newsletter subscribers only! Through December, Donkey Wisdom journals are only $10 each [plus shipping] [regularly $15] Email me and I'll complete your order. Orders over 10 copies are $8.50 each plus shipping.
We are ready for winter!

Wild Hope Magazine

I was so happy to be part of this wonderful magazine. When I got my issue here in Maine, with my photographs of the old farm in Oregon, and my story about our farm helping the wild lupin to save the endangered butterfly, I got verklempt.

Earnest sends his love. He also got through a gate to Eleanor and Cornelia to make stay tuned to spring.

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