Apifera Farm is home to artist Katherine Dunn and landscaper Martyn Dunn. Located in mid coast Maine, Apifera takes in needy animals but also shares them with elder people. They are a 501[c][3]. Contact with questions.
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It was a horrible experience for White Dog, me...and Earnest. If you follow on social media you know a week ago, in a terrible accident, White Dog was severely wounded by Earnest the pig, due to the pig's tusks which are razer sharp. A year ago, the two had a scuffle over dropped food, and White Dog got some gashes, but nothing I couldn't care for myself. So I always keep them separate now. But this particular day, White Dog ran up behind me into Earnest's pen area, he wanted to go to the front field, and they broke into a fight over something...after separating them, the wound was very bad, and when I finally could see it, it clearly needed a vet. We found out the tusks had missed the arteries by a hairline. He would have died. It is scary and so horrible, and Earnest didn't mean to hurt him. We do our best to keep them apart, but this was an accident, and once Earnest is back in his three season hut it will be better. In the meantime, White Dog was sewn up on the inside, and outside, and even had a dripline. He has three more days of meds and then we go to take sttches out and he can be outside again. He is doing very well.

It is so surreal it happened as I am in the thick of preparing the White Dog memoir for print. I know it might just be a coincidence, but it made me love him even more and respect him even more as I work on the book.

The new White Dog book needs you!
The White Dog book needs your support. I decided the art and photos were not being done justice in black/white, so we are going for a 4 color book, which means the printing shot up to $10,000. But I feel very much this books deserves every penny to make it as special as can be, and as special as White Dog is to us and so many others who meet him. My goal is to bring in $5,000 which is due March when files go to print, another $5000 will be due at delivery in April. We have brought in $1500 of sales so it is a lot to chew off, but I love this book.

It is told in White Dog's voice. It has magic, and the wisdom of crows, and rabbits, and The Wood and the Water...and of course White Dog.

By pre-ordering, you are allowing an indie author/publisher to continue to make books. Pre-ordering basically helps pay for the traditional offset printing of the book which must be printed in larger quantities–this allows me to not go into debt and helps me continue to birth high quality offset printed books into the world.

The book will be ready around May if not sooner.

Once the printing is paid for, a portion of net profit will be put into the Apifera non profit account at year's end. When you buy this book, it is not a tax deduction [Donations to Apifera Farm are tax deductible.]

There are options in the drop down menu and prices include USA shipping [International orders will have to pay at least another $25 for shipping, do not order unless you are okay with that.]

I have included options so you can simply order a book or two or more, but also their are options to get a book and leave a tip.
Pre-order now
Pre-ordering helps this indie author not to go into debt in order to pay for the more expensive off set printing requiring larger print runs. This is my fifth illustrated self published book. Books should be ready to ship by May or earlier. The Pre-Order page also allows you to buy a book or two and also share some money to support my indie publishing efforts.
Meanwhile, Bear the new pup has been making weekly visits to Cove's Edge to see is elder friends. He was of course an instant hit. He is a very calm puppy! His training is going great, and he already seems wise beyond his years....fingers crossed. I am so proud of him. This gentleman is very fond of Bear, and had a lab once. He holds Bear and gives him repremands too which I think i a nice way for him to feel useful. When I first went there, he never smiled [he has had a stoke] but when I came with Bear, boom, instant smiles. We go every Thursday. You can follow us on Instagram to catch all the therapy visits.
Opie continues to come with me and Bear in his Love Mobile!
Bear and one of his friends-a blind woman who adores animals
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