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Misfit Love Day is a celebration and a fundraiser for our non profit Apifera Farm which adopts elder/special needs animals and cares for them for their remaining days. We also sharer animals with elder/special needs people-through on site visits, or by bringing elders to the farm.
The event is open to all, but children MUST be chaperoned or we will have them contained and guarded by Earnest the pig.No admission fee, but this is a fundraiser to help us support our animals and we will appreciate your kindness.
No smoking on the farm...or gum chewing [seriously].
Guests will be able to meet the many "Misfits" as they are known-Paco the Poet donkey, Pino and Lucia, and Old Matilda [donkeys]; The World's Grumpiest But I'm Fine As I Am Pig aka Rosie; Opie the Therapy Goat, Ollie the partial blind goat, and the many elder/special needs goats. Of course, a favorite of many is the kissing llama of love, Birdie.

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It has been a growing year for Apifera. We have not only been taking Opie and others to elder care residences, but we are now bringing the elders to the farm for animal love visits. This has ben a dream for many years, and since moving to Maine, it has all come together! We plan to build a small hut so the residents can also choose to sit in shade. Ollie is turning into a wonderful love ambassador too-they all are! 

Our goals for the coming year for Apifera:



  • Expand pastures, including reducing forest

  • Pondering having 'Donkey Walks' for visitors

  • Drawing sessions amongst animals

  • Still need to finish upper barn loft

  • Build shade hut for elder guests visiting farm for animal visits

  • Create walking paths in woods for guests to discover magic of forest


We feel we are really beginning to connect with our mid coast area, and our goal is to also continue to reach out to the community not only to bring animals and elders together, but to expand our support base so we can continue to grow.

We have the vet coming to give every creature a rabies shot. We are grateful for a wonderful Apifera Angel who funded this expense. Maine has a serious rabies issue, so after talking to the State Vet, we opted to give everyone a shot, even the pigs.


There will be seven new pieces at Sundance this fall, and I will be back in studio more regularly now that summer is passed. Lots of art at the shop.

I am also actively working on a new illustrated book about White Dog. I am so excited for this book. My goal is to have it done by January, then work on edits and fundraise/pre-sell  in the spring with a summer release. It will be a thick book, told through the eyes of White Dog, lots of art, mystery, magic and photos.

We had a wonderful summer, albeit hot! We thank everyone who has supported the farm, our mission and also my books and art. It means so much to be validated through your words, donations and help. Thank you! 

Who we are

Apifera Farm is a non profit in mid coast Maine, where our mission is to take in elder/special needs animals of varied species, but also share animals with elder people in our community. We believe that love and care can help an animal in need, but also people. Apifera began in Oregon in 2004, as a small working farm but also took in old barn animals. In 2016, they moved with their Misfit caravan to Maine, and soon after became a 501[c][3]. 

Katherine Dunn is head caretaker of all the animals of Apifera. They are her companions, muses and inspire all her books and art. Visit her work at her shop, as well as Sundance.

Help us grow and help more animals and elders

All your donations are tax deductible. Read more how you can help >
Someone ate Wilbur's beard. Ollie!
Come read about my first pig who stuck with me even through bed wetting.

Ollie is a rising love ambassador at our visits

Thank you to so many who donated to the barn addition fund!
One of the goals for next year: drawing workshops among the animals

Beautiful elder hands of one of the residents, as she holds Opie

We adopted another elder cat, Omar, who is 14. He came with his tiny bonded one year old son, Oscar.

Little Tulip [It Will Be Okay] will make a wonderful holiday gift

We said goodbye to beautiful, elder Anna Assumpta who died in the early evening this month of natural causes. White Dog stayed with me while we buried her.

Poem from Paco the Poet

I made a wish
and blew it to
a cloud

It floated off
drifting left
and up
and down

without much sound

but I could hear
the little wish

in my heart

The old blind pug and Muddy say, "Love the one you're with."

A cat with a hat

sits on a shelf.

A cat with a hat is

all by himself.

Or he is?

No, because 

he is a cat

with a hat.

We also have a Wish List where you can by applies and cat food for our elders.

Every year, we say, "Goodbye sunflowers, see you through your offspring next year!"

{available as a print}
Yarn from our sheep!
Earnest loves pumpkin season!
Opie got to go to the sea
for a therapy visit
Copyright © *2011 Katherine Dunn all images and art
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