Apifera Farm is home to artist Katherine Dunn and landscaper Martyn Dunn. Located in mid coast Maine, Apifera takes in needy animals but also shares them with elder people. They are a 501[c][3]. Contact with questions.
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We all knew after White Dog was diagnosed with bone cancer this past summer that every moment was a gift. He held on in White Dog style, still running, rolling, patrolling and still being my wing man. We managed his pain for almost 6 months. And he got to see the first snow. I wanted him to have snow before he left. We dug his grave in the warm months of fall, knowing he would would most likely depart in the frozen winter. One must think of these things on the farm, as uncomfortable as it is. He watched Martyn make the grave, and he and I visited it when it was dug. You don't keep things from White Dog. I didn't want the day to come. But I had to let go.

And then...things evolved. And I know White Dog was part of it. We have adopted this soulful chap from a rescue in Virginia. The rescue is also a farm who works to help Great Prys [White Dog was a Maremma, as is Marcella]. There is a real problem for these dogs-people buy them or adopt them from a shelter and they don't know how to work with a working breed. Many end up in a house and it creates many problems-problems that often could be worked out, but the people don't know how to deal with it.

The rescue/farm had been working for over a year with this dog, figuring out the best 'job' for him. While he could guard, they also found that he is truly a people person [like White Dog was] and they began taking him everywhere. He loves people, and they in return. When they heard about our healing visits with elders, and how White Dog had just started that phase of his life when cancer hit, well, we all thought it was a fit.

It was a gift from White Dog. We are trying to arrange a delivery time table and the farm is going to drive him to our door. I quickly suggested payment and I'm so grateful they will drive him here. {They also do business in Maine}.

I am so anxious to get him here. He will never replace White Dog, but I know he has a purpose here with us. Knowing he is coming has helped my pain of losing White Dog on this realm.
This is Francine. Does she look grumpy? She is. She has been at the shelter since last May due to her lack of people skills. She gets along with cats, but not people. They tried many socializing things over the months-as well as taking out many rotten teeth-but they determined she was not adoptable. My contact wondered if Apifera could take her, and she arrived today. I doubt I'll be seeing much of her in these first weeks, or months, as she likes to hide in her cubby, but she will get to be herself. Will this be yet another Walter transformation? Who knows, but I love a good challenge!
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I miss everything about him...but I know he is okay. He is the snow and the sky and he is Here There & Everywhere.
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