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Preseason 2019
By: Bradley Wiseman

I looked forward to preseason all summer. I would best describe preseason as its own bubble or little world. It’s always a great time. You get to catch up with people you haven’t seen in months and meet new people who really like band. I love being around just band kids. I feel band attracts a certain kind of person- funny, quikey, and yeah, just a bit nerdy. I always get along well with those people. Maybe it’s a band geek thing, I’m not sure quite frankly. This preseason was quite a memorable one for sure.

Having helped pre season behind the scenes I know now how hard it can be to make the whole thing run smoothly. Things happen you don’t expect, and keeping things going can be a challenge for sure. Probably the most absurd/stressful event this season was the tornado. For those of you that weren’t here to experience it you read that right- we had a tornado warning. It went from a dreary overcast day to "quick, get into the nearest building!" Everyone was okay because we took appropriate shelter but man, I’m sure it was super stressful for upper leadership. Despite the stress is may or may not have caused, they handled it well because we were all okay. Luckily no flute players were sucked up into the sky never to be seen again. Overall everything else with pre season went well but if anyone reading this finds themselves helping with pre season at some point, just always be ready for the unexpected... like a tornado in Connecticut.

The Reveal
By: Margaret Dinu


After only 9 days of practicing and preparing under the hot August sun, on Thursday, August 29, the UCMB finally boarded the buses heading towards Rentschler Field in preparation for the first halftime performance of the season. Arriving at the field, the band sat down to enjoy a late lunch while waiting for everyone else to arrive at the stadium. Soon enough, the hour passed and everyone quickly pulled on their uniforms and headed to their spots in the Pre-C Block for one last run through of the music. After a short warm up with the directors, the UCMB finally marched into the stadium and down the bleachers in preparation for their Pregame performance. The band started off strong, playing Krypton Fanfare from the bleachers before running onto the field and going through Fight On Connecticut, Husky Fight Song, America the Beautiful/Battle Hymn, the national anthem, and finishing off once more with the fight song. The football team ran through the tunnel followed by the UCONN letters, the cheerleaders, and of course, our very own Jonathan XIV. The band then headed back up to the bleachers where they played various stand tunes throughout the first two quarters, such as Big Things Poppin’ and Iron Man. Finally, halftime came and the band took their spots on the field for the debut performance of Part 1 of the UCMB’s 2019 show, Clap Your Hands! Consisting of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” and Fitz and the Tantrums’ “HandClap,” the first show went spectacularly, finishing off with the addition of a fan-favorite: “Cold-Hearted.”

Tired but thoroughly satisfied with their performance, the UCMB headed back up to the stands to resume cheering on the team with the addition of a few of their own cheers, such as the “Stick It In” chant and the well-known “Choco-Taco” chant. After a long and successful game, the band headed onto the field one last time to perform their post-game show for the loyal fans of the UCMB who stuck around after everyone else had gone. Following the show, band members quickly stripped off their uniforms before piling onto the buses to head back to W-lot, eager to get to bed after a long successful day, but even more excited for the promising performances to come.

Band Day
By: Kazi Iqbal

It was September 7th and UConn was going up against Illinois. It was also Band Day, the day that marked that time of year when the Ucmb was really getting into the swing of things. This year's annual band day, or as one of my section leaders calls it, “my favorite day of the year,” we had hundreds of students representing over a dozen high schools coming to play with us at our halftime show. The schools came from all around Connecticut and even Massachusetts. We were excited to meet some new faces and play alongside fellow band members. Coming from all around the state, there were naturally some different approaches. In my section, two of the high school students had marching bell kits, though both preferred to play on a marimba or a vibraphone. Our pit was more than willing to share instruments as well as experience. Even more interestingly, we had a cymbal player. He didn’t march he just played concert cymbals in the pit. It was a bit crazy, but that was also what made it fun. We did our thing, shared a great performance, and at the end of the day, we all left the Rent having had a good time.

Exhibition- The Pride of Connecticut  
By: Lucas LaDestro
September 20th was a warm Friday night. The Ucmb was performing at halftime during the E.O. Smith vs Harding high school football game. It had been two weeks since our last performance and a lot of changes had been made to our show. We were all excited to play for a crowd again and show off our new visuals. As we marched down to the field some student parents greeted us by the gate. One women thanked us for coming out to play for them. I could tell she was genuinely excited to see us. I have been in band so long that it can be easy to forget what the UCMB can mean to people. I remember the first time I heard the UConn  marching band perform over 7 years ago when I was in high school watching an exhibition show. I was so excited to see the UCMB perform and I can still recall hearing for the first time that powerful unified sound. The triumphant boom that always let the audience know exactly who they were listening to- the Pride of Connecticut. As a senior and third year marching band member, it has been my duty to carry on this glorious tradition of a strong and unified band, because when we do our show, we perform it. We marched out onto the E.O. Smith field to the cheers of the crowd, and we gave them a true performance. When we moved in sync to sounds of our thundering drum line the crowd roared. It's moments like these that make the UConn Marching Band the Pride of connecticut.
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Current Staff
Editor: Lucas LaDestro
Staff Writers: Margaret Dinu, Kazi Iqbal, Lucas LaDestro, and Bradley Wiseman

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