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UCMB Takes Allentown
By: Maddie Geerlof, Emily Karr, Owen Logios, and Julia Opramolla

On September 30th, the UCMB took the trip down to J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the Collegiate Marching Band Festival. The 4-hour trek to the venue began at W-Lot at 7:00 AM, filled with excitement for the day, and a few people ready to catch up on Z’s on the bus. Upon arriving in Allentown, the UCMB had the opportunity to watch other collegiate bands perform amidst an audience of avid marching band fans. For some of the UCMB’s members, this time was particularly special as they reunited with family members who traveled far and wide to watch them perform in one of the most exciting shows of the season as well as catching up with friends who were also performing in friendly competition. Despite the sun beating down and warming the air, the UCMB and their fans kept the morale high. Before the first step-off, the audience cheered in anticipation for the band to perform. The energy in the stadium was electric, and the long wait for an incredible performance from the UCMB was finally over. Beginning with Part 1 of Retroplayed executed they start of the show with precision and focus to lead with a bang in the first hit of the show, “Time Won’t Wait” by Jamiroquai The show was nothing short of energetic, and the crowd intensified their energy as the band rocked out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” during Part 2 while in the form of a guitar. As we finished our show with excerpts of Appalachian Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man, the crowd rose to their feet to applaud our spectacular performance. Among the high praise we received for our performance, the cherry on top for a spectacular day was senior trumpet player Martha Gancarz winning the Third Annual CMBF scholarship. Picked from 60 applicants, Martha was recognized for her dedication to the UCMB, and she made The Pride of Connecticut feel even more proud that day. It was a pleasure to perform for such an amazing crowd at Allentown, and the UCMB left the festival feeling galvanized to improve our show and present Retroplayed to audiences across Connecticut with pride.


History Day
By:  Ellie Tripp

On Sunday, October 21st, members of the UCMB gathered in 102. However, this wasn’t just for any rehearsal or meeting, it was for History Day 2018. History Day is a celebration of the past UCMB and how much we’ve grown, or matured, as an organization. This event featured the Blue Line Brass Band, refreshments, and a kahoot. One of the most memorable moments was a retelling of history by our very own Dr. Mills. He showed us that the band has truly come a long way in the past few decades, and we have grown into the mature group we are today. We also had on display pictures, trifolds of different decades, a record player that played records from the 70’s, and many other interesting snapshots of UCMB history. History is important because of just that, it shows us that we can grow and learn from our experiences. The UCMB is extremely fortunate in that we have such a rich history that dates back over 100 years, and it’s archived very well. History inspires us to grow, expand, and be the best version of ourselves. This current band is the future history of the UCMB, therefore, we’re inspiring future generations to be the best they can be. Everything you do has a place in history and you’re leaving your mark on this band. Thank you to everyone who visited and helped out, it couldn’t have happened without you.


By: Bradley Wiseman

Being able to help with recruitment for the UCMB is a great experience. I initially did it because the recruitment team was going to a US Bands show I knew my old high school would be at, but it became something that I enjoyed doing while getting to see my old band mates. Having the chance to talk to younger students about the UCMB is really rewarding. These kids love band and for a good amount of them it is their main social and extracurricular activity.  A lot of them light up when you talk to them about continuing band outside of high school. It is really cool to listen to them talk about their experiences and be able to explain how college band is in comparison. You never know what kind of student prospects will come to the table. Some are underclassmen who have not even begun to think about college, others are seniors who have no idea where or what they want to do, and there are people everywhere in between. One of the most notable people that came up was a middle school student who loved to talk about his band and asked very excitedly if he could fill out a form. That stuck with me because college is almost 5-6 years off for him and here he is already thinking about how he can continue marching. It was really touching and made me feel happy that I could be part of a program that makes people so excited. One last minor note is that is really cool to be able to see the high school bands perform. They have really cool shows and it is fun to watch them and see how the music, visuals, and story comes together. If you ever work the recruitment booth see if you can watch at least one band while you’re there you won’t regret it.


Designated Marching  
By: Bridget Grenier
In a place like the UCMB, there are so many ways to get involved with leadership positions, service, developing musical ability, and more. The list of opportunities members of the UCMB is almost endless; if a member has a goal or vision of something they wish to see done, they can almost certainly achieve that goal with a little hard work and support from others. One specific way to lead, provide a service to the band and other band members, and foster growth in all forms of marching band is being a designated marcher. Being a designated marcher (or the abbreviated “DM”) comes off as pretty intimidating and a little confusing. So, what is a DM? A DM is someone in a given section who learns the music, learns how to march, but does not have their “own spot” in the show. People who serve in these roles have a number of responsibilities and jobs essential to making the UCMB function. The primary role of a DM is to have a general knowledge of their section’s drill so they may fill a hole during a rehearsal or performance if another member has a conflict. I know this sounds intimidating, but trust me, it’s easier than it sounds (and I do it for the whole band)! When other members of their section are learning drill, DMs have the opportunity to help fix forms from the outside. They help their sections, and often other sections as well, fix spacing, guiding, fundamentals of marching, and so much more. This attention to detail requires DMs to be very well versed in marching techniques and how to provide constructive criticism. Being a senior this year, I was a little hesitant about being a DM. I really wanted to have “my own spot” as a senior, but being a DM has been incredibly rewarding. I have the fortunate opportunity to DM for almost every section. Because of this, I have gotten to meet and work with so many new faces I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a leader and a follower. Serving the band in this role is not only important to the UCMB, but really fun. Even if I don’t march a consistent spot, I still find myself marching in some capacity at every football game and exhibition. I definitely recommend DMing to anyone looking to get involved in the band in a new way. And the next time you see a DM helping out on the field, give them a high five!
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