The Bristol Mum Parade!  Alumni Spotlight on Emily Collins
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UCMB Marches in the Bristol Mum Parade
by Thomas Ropes

On Sunday, September 25th, a large portion the UCMB performed in one of the longest parades in recent memory for the band. The Bristol Mum Parade is about two and a half miles long going straight through downtown Bristol. This distance is much longer than other familiar parades the band has marched in recent years, such as the Mansfield and Homecoming parades. Admittedly, the popular opinion of the parade was that it was quite exhausting and tough to push through. However, as the band normally deals with not so favorable conditions, we persevered and gave a fantastic performance that the crowd loved! There was support from everyone, including the town mayor, who thanked us before the parade for taking the time to come and perform.

Our set list had been slightly changed from the normal cadence/fight song/cadence/fight on routine, adding yet another cadence, followed then by a quick halt, then a tap off into Big Things Poppin’, a powerful yet fun piece to play for the band. Our steps were shortened to a 16 to 5 step so that the band could cut loose a little bit and groove to the song while still marching forward. The crowd reacted well and most everyone in the band seemed to enjoy themselves while playing it. In the middle of the parade, however, the band got tired from playing so much. This was where morale was slightly lower and things did not seem like they were going well. But, as the band usually does and has done in the past, we all pushed through and still gave a great performance. The Drumline came to the rescue on one such occasion where the rest of the band was tired. Dr. Mills asked us to please repeat the cadence after playing it once already. Then he asked us to play it again. And again. And again. Overall, the drumline played the cadence between five to six times in a row. As a member of the illustrious tenor section of the Drumline, I hope the band got all the rest they needed, because that was quite a bit of playing. One cadence is fine. Two in a row isn’t bad. Five to six with a mile and a half of parade behind you doing the same thing is a bit much. However, everything still sounded clean by the last rep, so we were all satisfied when the repetition was finally over.

Around the two mile mark the band stopped in front of a flatbed truck with plenty of spectators both in front of and behind the band. We performed America the Beautiful and Battle Hymn of the Republic, followed by Cold Hearted, and then the Fight Song, turning halfway to continue on the parade. The crowd, as usual, loved the band. Just a short half a mile of marching was all that was left between us and the end of the parade. A few more cadences echoed throughout the town, and finally, when the coach buses were in sight, we finally came to a halt, the final one of the parade. Dr. Mills gave us many praises for our hard work and dedication. The drum majors dismissed us, and the hot, sweaty band members were all relieved and satisfied with the great performance they had executed. The coats and shakos were ripped off as soon as possible, and there was plenty of leftover water to go around. I realize that I cannot speak for everyone when I say that it was one of the most relaxing bus rides home from a performance that I’d ever been a part of, but, it was definitely one of the most relaxing bus rides home from a performance that I’d ever been a part of. Just another day in the life of the UCMB.
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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Collins
By Samantha Morales

1. Tell me about you! What are your interests, where are you from, and why did you originally decide to be a part of the UCMB?

I'm originally from New London, CT, but I'm currently living in Manchester with my husband, Mike, and our cat, Link.  My interests outside of work include spending time with my family and friends (many of which I met in the UCMB), playing my clarinet when I can, going to the beach as often as possible, and binge-watching my favorite TV shows! 

I became interested in the UCMB when I saw them perform at a local competition when I was still in high school. I was so blown away the amazing sound and how huge the band was! I loved my high school band and was even a drum major, but we were a small band that was struggling to grow and thrive after years of budget cuts. I was inspired as I watched over 200 UCMB members take the field and put on such a high quality performance. I thought about how dedicated they all must be to the band and to music. I dreamed of becoming a part of it.

2. How has the UCMB changed over time and how has it impacted YOUR life?

The UCMB is ever impressive to me, as it has steadily gotten bigger and better throughout the years. Some traditions have changed or faded away since my time, but they have made way for new traditions that are treasured by current UCMB members. As both a participating member, and as an alumni, the UCMB has never failed to make me feel proud to be a Husky!

The UCMB has impacted my life for the better in many ways. As I entered my Freshman year, I found the whole concept of college to be very intimidating: the size of the campus, the academic challenges, being away from home and surrounded by strangers, etc. I wondered how I could ever succeed in this daunting new environment, but the UCMB helped me find my place! I felt like I was a part of something very special from the very beginning, and from that point on I was able to develop pride, confidence, lifelong friendships, leadership skills, the list goes on!

Oh and I met my husband in band too! :)

3. What is your favorite UCMB memory? 

I have so many that it's impossible to choose! Playing the fight song for the first time with the whole band; the first time I heard the band sing the Alma Mater at UCMB Convocation; the first time we played America/Battle Hymn after 9/11 and seeing the crowd stand up and cheer; leaving it all on the field when we played Malaguena at Memorial Stadium for the last time; marching back to the music building with no shoes on my senior year; conducting the instrumental version of the Alma Mater as a Band Captain at my last rehearsal; getting called back to join the UCMB for the Detroit Motor City Bowl after graduating (and realizing I had left my band shoes on the field at Rentschler!); and the joyful hellos at every preseason and tearful goodbyes at every banquet.

4. What are your goals for the UCMB? What is something you hope to still see in the UCMB years from now? 

I'd really like to see more and more opportunities for alumni to get to know and support the current band, thus increasing alumni engagement across the board. Now that I'm working here in the UCMB Office (YAY!!!!!!), I can help to do just that! Members of the UCMB form tight friendships and happy memories that last long after graduation- these are things to be celebrated! :)

Years from now, I'm confident that I will still see a band that strives for excellence, sets high standards, puts all of their pride and effort into each and every performance, and loves every second of it!
The Pride Poll
by Oliver Kochol

Last month’s Pride Poll took a look at the different colleges in UConn that represented the UCMB over the years. About 30% of responses came from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which is unsurprising considering that CLAS has the largest enrollment at the Storrs campus. Coming in second is the School of Fine Arts with 22% of the responses, also not a surprise if you think about all the music majors that lend their talents to the band. The School of Engineering is where 17% of the respondents graduated from, the third largest group in the UCMB. Making up smaller slivers included the School of Business, NEAG, and School of Pharmacy.

It’s always interesting to see what the members of the band spend their time off the field doing and studying, and it’s nice to see such a diverse group of students that representing most of the colleges at the University.

Since it is now October, this month’s poll is dedicated to all thing scary and spooky. We at the Pride want to know what Halloween monster you think is the scariest!
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