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The International Monorail Association is a Members Association of registered companies whose mission is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and establish performance standards for monorail for Public Mass Transport Infrastructure.

President's Note

Dear Friends,
The interest in monorail technology for public transportation solutions keeps on growing. Every week we receive news of monorails being considered in new places around the world. Urban planners in fast growing cities realize that monorail can offer meaningful mobility solutions with short construction time at reasonable costs.
Politicians and citizens alike, all share the same desire to integrate public transport alignments into their urban environment. To turn things into reality, professional monorail technology suppliers, consultants, and contractors bring the project to life. And that is just the beginning.
It all starts with a vision. Many large civilizations throughout history thrived on developing infrastructure, like the Great Wall of China; the Incan Road network; or the Roman Aqueducts. All of these structures are testament to what the common will can achieve. I know this monorail newsletter goes around the world, so I know many of you have nearby engineering achievements that you can feel proud of. Endeavors of common set targets fulfill the human desire to improve living. I wonder what would you want your testament to be, when it comes to improving infrastructure in your urban environment?
For many centuries, nations embarked in the development of roads, water and sewer lines. Then came electrical grids, followed by telephone and internet. It might be that the next challenge ahead of our societies is how to provide citizens with access to reliable, efficient public transportation to improve the opportunities of people gaining access to markets and jobs within our urban landscapes. This will improve quality of life and family time. Monorail technologies can be part of the solution and be our testament to future generations.
The vision of the International Monorail Association is to become the place where likeminded people can cooperate to provide those solutions. Our efforts to organize the technical workshop on â€œPerformance Specifications for Elevated and Automated Monorail Systems” are proof of our commitment to be a relevant part of the international transportation field.

On behalf of the Executive Council,

Carlos Banchik, P.E.
International Monorail Association
Monorail Highlights
Bold plan to build monorail high
above the Tullamarine Freeway

The monorail would be above the major roads including CityLink and the Tullamarine Freeway. It would connect with either the Southern Cross Station or Finders St Station.
Las Vegas Monorail to celebrate
its Tenth Anniversary

There are rumblings that some tabled plans for expansion are getting back on track. 
Brisbane Airport proposes monorail to link
terminals and parking areas

A "mass transit system" has been proposed by airport chiefs to deal with the passenger boom, with the track circulating between the international, domestic and parking area.
Monorail News
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Monorail Marketplace

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Upcoming Events
September 20-22, 2014 - Wuppertal, Germany
Monorail Technical Workshop, "Performance Specifications for Elevated and Automated Monorail Systems"
Tentative Schedule
Saturday, September 20th
Day - Arrival of Delegates, Waldhotel Eskeshof (Hotel rooms upon request).
Night - Welcome Reception, Meet & Greet - Waldhotel Eskeshof
           Presentation by Dr. Andreas Feicht (Vorsitzender), Dr. Ulrich Jaeger WSW mobil GmbH

Sunday, September 21st
Day - Seminar Part 1 - Working Groups, Schwebebahnwerkstatt
Night - Ride on Monorail Site visit workshops. Inspection of new Trainsets.

Monday, September 22nd
Day - Seminar Part 2 - Working Groups, Schwebebahnwerkstatt
Night - Bus ride to Berlin (5 hours)

September 23-26, 2014 - Berlin, Germany
Public Transport Forum - Proposed Seminar Contribution, Elevated and Automated Public Transport
Executive Council

     Carlos Banchik                         Peter Keller
     President                                   Member
     USA                                           Switzerland          
     Jaap Ketel                                 Peter Timan
     General Secretary                     Member
     Netherlands                               Canada            
     Paul Tulp                                                       
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For more information contact:
Mr. Jaap H. Ketel
General Secretary Int. Monorail Association
Sluithek 6, 3831 PB  LEUSDEN
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 33-4343500
Fax: (31) 33-4343501
Mobile: (31) 6-532 61 771
Chamber of Commerce 08019831
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