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The International Monorail Association is a Members Association of registered companies whose mission is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and establish performance standards for monorail for Public Mass Transport Infrastructure.
Happy Birthday IMA!

The International Monorail Association is celebrating its fifth year!

President's Note

Dear Friends,

Today, the International Monorail Association turns five years old. Even though I was not present for the birth of our organization, being this is our General Secretary’s brain child, today we take a break from our activities and take stock in this anniversary.
So what is in the age of an organization?
If we were to compare the organization to a child, we would say that by age five, we are restless yet clumsy due to poor coordination; we are bound to experience growth spurts; and we have a profound desire to learn. The parallels are profound.
Seth Godin, a thinker and marketer I listen to, says in one of his Ted Talks that the Internet offers the means to create a tribe, a virtual tribe linked by a common idea. Throughout the year members connect virtually through meetings and e-mails, with our annual meetings serving as the ground were the tribe members connect in person.
As a tribe we have learned that Monorail is not the technology for every application, for every city, or for every region. Yet, there is a place for this technology. This technology holds a promise of efficient, modern, separated grade transportation systems that allows access to public transportation at affordable cost, for a fraction of traditional systems.

It is in new nations where the development of communication systems does not follow the traditional growth of developed nations, where people are inquisitive and search for the most efficient and rational solutions.

As we join to develop the new brand of monorail in those places ready to hear it, there is the promise of breaks from long commutes, and the promise of living purposeful and meaningful lives with more free time, or family time.

Congratulations to those of us engaged in the daily work of the Association. Let's participate and help our own tribe: the IMA tribe. Let's devote ourselves to spread the good new of monorails.

Happy Birthday International Monorail Association!!!

On behalf of the Executive Council,

Carlos Banchik, P.E.
International Monorail Association
Monorail Highlights
Monorail project cleared for Chennai

Chennai Monorail project envisages monorail services between Poonamalle and Kathipara Junction in Guindy with a link from Porur to Vadapalani with a total length of 20.68 km.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia light rail
project on track

The $475m electrified rail is one of many projects in an ambitious five-year growth plan. The government hopes the project, funded and built by China, will be running next year. 
Bombardier and CSR Puzhen
Announce Joint Venture

New deal to bring advanced Bombardier Innovia Monorail and Innovia Automated People Mover (APM) technologies to China for urban and airport transportation.
Monorail News
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Monorail Marketplace
FOGTEC Fire Protection

FOGTEC Rail Systems, a business unit of the IRIS – certified FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG, based in Cologne, Germany, has become a worldwide leader in the provision of active fire safety system solutions for the rail vehicle market and underground transport systems. 

Worth Considering

Many of us are familiar with Wikipedia and how it has become the clearing house of information for many facets in our lives. As most of you know, Wikipedia is supported and hosted by the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation. In our transportation world, the Monorail Society, an all-volunteer organization with its website, has become our clearing house. New projects and ideas, facts about existing projects, construction photos and many more things, all get a place at the familiar website.
  • How many times people have enquired you about things they have read at
  • How many times have we referred people to look into the Monorail Society’s website
  • How many times have you sent information to Mr. Kim Pedersen, the Society President, related to projects you have worked on, or projects you have seen?
  • How many times have you been able to point with pride to colleagues, friends and family, projects you have been involved displayed at the website?
If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this might be a good time to support the labor of the Society by becoming a member and better yet if you can, donate to it if you have not done that to date. It is through the support of all of us that this Society can continue to thrive and be there when we need it, it is only fair. 
Monorailex 2015
More information to come soon!
Executive Council

     Carlos Banchik                         Peter Keller
     President                                   Member
     USA                                           Switzerland          
     Jaap Ketel                                 Peter Timan
     General Secretary                     Member
     Netherlands                               Canada

     AK Das
For Monorail Info:

For more information contact:
Mr. Jaap H. Ketel
General Secretary Int. Monorail Association
Sluithek 6, 3831 PB  LEUSDEN
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 33-4343500
Fax: (31) 33-4343501
Mobile: (31) 6-532 61 771
Chamber of Commerce 08019831
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