Fishing Report and Deal of the Week


The bait has started to accumulate down the East end of the Canal. Mackerel and Squid have been caught. Mackerel are more out in CC Bay. Bass have been getting larger in the canal. This weekend we should start seeing 20# bass. Stick Shads, Loaded Cordell Pencils, Bucktails, and Savage Sand eels have been solid lures this week. The bigger bass have been down the West End of the Canal. But, the bass have been active down the East end as well. Any spot is worth a try now. Make sure to be on your bike.

Tautog and Flounder are still around heavy. On either end of the Canal. Green crabs, seaworms, and clam is your best bet for bait.

Trout fishing is still strong. Still worth going to any pond and trying your luck.


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Fishing Report

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