Diamond Introduces Green Chic™ Sustainable Packaging, GreenBlue® Reports on Sustainability of Decorative Processes on Paperboard, and more.
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Diamond Introduces Green Chic™ Sustainable Packaging

Green Chic™ "Four Seasons" carton seriesDiamond Packaging recently announced its new Green Chic™ packaging, a significant advance in the field of sustainable packaging design. Upscale or luxury brands can now support environmental concerns without sacrificing identity.

As a natural evolution of Diamond’s greenbox initiative, the company is applying its tradition of innovation to green packaging design. Diamond's new Green Chic™ packaging delivers “Beauty without Compromise” by capturing the essence of luxury brands through more sustainable converting methods.

Green Chic™ incorporates multiple technologies, all applied inline:

  • TruCOLOR™ expanded color gamut (ECG)
  • Specialty coatings
  • Effects and decorations (e.g., MiraFoil™ metallic coating, Cast and Cure holographic effects)

In addition, all components are manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy.

Diamond's new “Four Seasons” carton series demonstrates these technologies in beauty-inspired packaging representing each of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). All of the samples were created utilizing its unique Synergy (tapered tuck and seal end) structure. The cartons also incorporate a QR code which, when scanned, directs users to Diamond's green website.

For more information visit contact us to request a Green Chic™ sample kit and get started on a path towards beautifully green packaging.

Diamond Wins Benny Award for its Centennial Calendar

Diamond Packaging won its first ever Benny Award in the 62nd annual Premier Print Awards competition, the graphic arts industry’s largest and most prestigious worldwide printing competition. Printing Industries of America (PIA) hosts the Premier Print Awards, which recognizes the creation and production of superior print communications. The event promotes excellence in printing and rewards companies and individuals who produce the very best in print media. Of the more than 3,200 entries received, Diamond’s entries were chosen for exemplifying the highest standards in the printing industry.

Diamond won the coveted Benny Award for its Diamond 2011 Centennial Calendar, and in recognition will receive the “Benny”, a bronze statuette of Benjamin Franklin. The Benny is awarded to the most outstanding entry in each category. To win, an entry must be flawless. Given this high standard, the judges do not always award a Benny in every category. >> more

Packaging Terms

Carded Packaging - Packaging that consists of a stiff paperboard card onto which a product is held by a preformed plastic blister (blister card) or by a film vacuumed onto the product and card (skin or contour packaging). Blister cards are usually covered with a special coating that allows the blister to be heat sealed to the card.

Clay-Coated Board - A high grade of paperboard, such as solid bleach sulfate (SBS), which has been coated at the paper mill with a sizing material such as fine clay coating to fill in the pores and provide a smooth printing surface with good ink holdout.

Mini-Flute - A term used for corrugated boards with small flute heights. These boards can be printed and converted on folding carton equipment with minor modifications. Also referred to as small flute boards, mini-flute boards include e-flute, f-flute, g-flute, and n-flute.

Technical Corner

GreenBlue® Reports on Sustainability of Decorative Processes on Paperboard
GreenBlue®, a non-profit organization developed to equip businesses with the science and resources to make products more sustainable, has recently released a suite of reports that provides technical guidance on how to design packaging to be compatible with common recovery methods. Separate reports have been developed for aluminum, steel, glass and paper packaging.

Closing the Loop: Design for Recovery Guidelines for Paper Packaging (the Guidelines) provides information that is necessary to assess the potential recyclability of a new type of package before it is released into the marketplace. According to GreenBlue® Project Leader Elizabeth Shoch, “The goal of the Closing the Loop project is to improve the overall recovery of packaging materials, primarily by connecting two parts of the supply chain that rarely interact: packaging designers and recyclers. The hope is that if designers are aware of the impact they have on packaging recovery, they may change their practices and design with the end in mind. >> more
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