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Diamond Wins Seven Awards in 2010 FSEA Competition

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Diamond Packaging won seven awards in the 2010 FSEA Gold Leaf Awards Competition, the industry's premier showcase for foil stamping and embossing designs and techniques. Awards were announced last month at the IADD•FSEA Odyssey in Nashville, TN.

The competition, which is sponsored by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), recognizes creativity and superior execution of designs that reflect positively on the industry as a whole. Entries are judged on several criteria including design, execution, and level of difficulty. Winning an award is a mark of excellence in the packaging field and recognition of superior achievement.

Competing against hundreds of entries from around the country, Diamond earned recognition by winning two Gold Leaf awards, four Silver Leaf awards, and one Bronze Leaf award. The total represents the highest number of awards Diamond has ever won in this competition. >> more

Package Enhancements Convey Product's Attributes

Bausch + Lomb's new Clens™ brand cleaning system is formulated to safely clean popular touch screen devices, including Apple iPad and iPhone, and other hand-held devices. The unique Clens™ formula provides streak-free cleaning without dulling or discoloring the surface, so users can enjoy a clean, clear, and vivid display.

Diamond help create new packaging for Clens™ products that delivers on both branding and shelf appeal.

The Clens™ packaging features a combination of UV gloss spot coating, embossing, and Diamond's new DiamondTouch soft touch coating, which create a unique visual and tactile presentation and convey the product's attributes. >> click to view photo

Packaging Terms

Boxboard - A general term designating the grades of paperboard used for fabricating folding cartons, set-up boxes and fiber cans. Also referred to as “board,” “paperboard,” or “folding boxboard.” (see paperboard).

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) - The use of computer drafting software to design folding cartons. The CAD program also provides information for layout and die manufacturing that will be used to cut and crease the cartons (computer-aided manufacturing or CAM).

Metallic Ink - Bronze or aluminum powder suspended in an appropriate vehicle and applied as a printing ink to produce designs with a metallic luster on the printed surface. In addition, the lustrous tints of other natural metals may be produced by adding small amounts of transparent color to aluminum inks.

Technical Corner

Stamping Out Sustainability: Looking Deeper at the Designer’s Palette of Decoration Options - by Wendy Jedlicka, CPP
For designers wanting to move in a more sustainable direction, these days the list of what you cannot do seems to be getting longer, while understanding what you can do is still a work in progress. One thing everyone agrees on, though, is the idea of making more use of fewer materials and resources.

The idea of “less = more” has been at the core of many highly refined forms of expression for centuries. Today, the too popular opposite idea is “grab as much shelf facing as you can and hold on to it whether or not the product really requires that amount of physical space.” >> more
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