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Hello from the Quiet Site.   

 It has been extra quiet this week as the children have returned to their quest for knowledge.  A lovely week weatherwise.  The leaves are just starting to change their colours, autumn is here. 
Have a look at our Facebook page to keep up with all the news, and see lots of great photographs.  We try to add new things of interest each day.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding your forthcoming holiday here.  If we don't know the answer we will know someone who will!
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Have a Heart - watch out for the wood!


Heart Wood is a great one to get the children to look for.
It can be seen between Junction 37 and 38 of the M6 on the east side.

The legend of the heart shaped wood has many associated stories. There are lots of tales about its origins: some say 
it was planted as a memorial to a young soldier killed in the first world war, others say it was the farmer’s way of expressing his love for his wife, my brother has another theory!  Our favourite one is this:

Apparently there were two farming families in the valley who had an ancient feud. One family had a daughter and the other a son who, of course, fell in love. When the respective families found out about the love affair there was a huge scene and the pair were told they would never be allowed to marry.

So the fated lovers met secretly one last time. They climbed the fell where the wood is (though there wasn't a wood then) and he killed her and then killed himself.

Both families were so distraught at the tragedy they had caused that they planted the heart shaped wood at the place where the pair had committed suicide.
By the time you finish telling this story you will be at Junction 40..

Flora of the Fells and Ullswater Outdoor Festival

On Thursday 27th September 2012, members of the public can volunteer to help with a 'Flora of the Fells' project around Ullswater. This is a hands-on day which highlights the immense role that volunteering plays in the conservation and management of the fells. Want to get involved? Click here
22nd - 30th September are the dates for this year's annual Ullswater Outdoor Festival. The Festival is FREE and offers a whole host of guided walks and outdoor workshops.

Special Offers
Loads of new offers to tempt you.  Forget New England, try Old Cumbria for a feast of autumn greens!

Online photo gallery
Don't forget our online photo gallery where you can post your 'Quiet' memories.

Photographs will also be placed on our Facebook page.

What's going on in the Lakes this year?
From country shows and triathlons to a marmalade festival!

Please remember to take extra care when using disposable BBQs and Gas BBQs.  There has been a steady increase in the number of incidents over the years where  BBQs have been taken into tents and caravans etc as a source of extra heat.  A burning gas flame or  smouldering coal produces carbon monoxide (CO), an odourless, colourless, nonirritating gas which is highly poisonous. On no account should BBQs be taken inside any enclosed spaces.  Coal or throw away BBQs should always be removed from awnings and the entrances to tents etc when cooking has finished.  
Caravan Storage 
Don't forget about The Quiet Site's sister company:   They will deliver your caravan before your holiday and return it to storage at the end of your stay at no cost.  They are also happy to deliver to other Cumbrian parks at a small charge. 

Dougal and George jump to it!
After an excellent season together George (who helps out at the Quiet Site) and his faithful pony Dougal finished 3rd in the international event last month.  They had won the big class the day before but were unlucky to have 'a pole'.  George assures me it was his foot, not Dougal's that caused the problem!
They return to HOYS at the NEC next month to defend their crown.  Please email the office if you would like to meet Dougal, then we can arrange for him to make a site visit!

Long stay pitches for tourers
We have a couple of long stay pitches available.  Please contact the office for details. 


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