April 11 is World Parkinson's Day
Dear Shake It Up Supporter,

The final countdown is on as we approach World Parkinson's Day - next Tuesday 11 April - and there is no better time to get involved and to support Australian Parkinson's research. 

Shake It Up, together with The Michael J. Fox Foundation are the largest non-government funder of Parkinson’s research across multiple institutes in Australia. Since establishment in 2011 we have funded $3 million dollars in Australian Parkinson’s research. 

To celebrate World Parkinson's Day we encourage you to make a

Donation to Parkinson's research

100% of all donations support Australian Parkinson's research targeted at better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Our World Parkinson's day campaign, Pause 4 Parkinson's, continues throughout April, so there is still time to gather your friends, family and colleagues and unite to raise awareness and funds for Australian Parkinson's research. There is also a global movement currently underway called Unite for Parkinson's. As part of your Pause 4 Parkinson's event we encourage you to use your social media to include the hashtag #UniteForParkinson's and help bring global awareness to Parkinson's.

Together we can unite to give a voice for those living with Parkinson’s, and raise funds for vital Australian Parkinson’s research. 

Until next time.

Clyde and the Shake It Up team

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2017 Marks 200 Years of Parkinson's Research

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of James Parkinson’s description of the disease that now bears his name. To mark this anniversary, a global campaign #UniteForParkinsons aims to increase awareness, support those living with the disease and to inspire new research and treatment initiatives.

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Our amazing supporters share their story on being diagnosed with Parkinson's, how they felt and what a cure would mean to them.
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