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face-to-face-in-your-place    9-5-12

know more    ORISA ESHU 

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What is it that
makes people so
happy at the
Esu garden?

Why does the Eshu
energy work like it
does for us? 

There is much to know,
much to do, and much to share. 

Click on the big Eshu photo
on top and see all the
great Eshu creations.

Come to the Sacred Orisa gardens
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Ose Tura Ose Tura
Open up for great
ideas and ways
you can tap into
what this great
matrix of Esu is
all about. 

Learn from those
that have years of
experiences to

The online events
are free.
 Donations are

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Come to feel the energy in
the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Gardens...Ola Olu.

We are opening this up for all
levels...we will reach everyone.

Osain / Osanyin Event

Daytona/Orlando Florida

September 15th   $75.00