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The fires will be lit...and the smoke will clear reveal what is inside the matrix of Sango...Chango!
Meet these four dynamic Orisa and Ifa Priests this coming Wednesday and learn from their personal journey.   They each walk with Sango/Chango as their primary Orisa.  Each will openly share their unique experiences with this dynamic energy and give you great ideas to use for your own life...Through wonderful stories, ebbo ideas, and most important their "time-in" with Ifa-ing everyone will get something that they need to tap into now in their lives.
This free online Webex event will provide you with empowerment. We will be opening a special doorway to all that learn all about the energy of Sango/Chango!
  There is much to discover! 

Oluwo Oduwole

Meet Gabe.  Initiated as a Sango Priest and then into Ifa Priesthood along side his wife and son 8 years ago.
His walk has been an amazing journey.  His connection with Sango is very strong and with his special perspective as a husband, father and an artist... he will open up your mind to something truly meaningful.  Oluwo Gabe is part of our Ifa Team at the Retreat...contributing greatly to the ceremonial work on a regular basis.  The depth of which he connects is profound and powerful.  We are super excited that he is creating a line of Orisha vessels for the Spiritual Tools online store - coming soon!

Iyanifa Olayinka
(Nana Buuken Society member)
Iya Mahea is one of the most unique women you will meet in your lifetime.  She is so rich in connection to energy...from the way she plays the Mbira and aligns with her ancestors to the exquisite performances she creates and produces of sacred dance.  She has owned and operated her own dance studio for over a decade and has taken them on tour across the globe.  She is a practicing Iyanifa taps uses the strategy of Sango daily to balance all that she is engaged with.

Oluwo Ifadahunsi
Babalawo Frank is one of the most devoted students of Ifa...he connects regularly for the teachings from the Ifa Foundation... all the way from Kuwait!  (his passion for Ifa knows no boundaries)  His keen sense of what Sango is... will bring something very special to the webex round table this week.  He is a devoted father and grandfather and shares this path with his whole family as well.

Oluwo Ifagunade

There is only one Wolfgang!   Babalawo Wolf...has a connection with his Guardian Orisa, Sango from a whole other perspective.  He was born and raised in a small town in Germany and has lived the past decade as a devoted Priest.  His passions include a very scientific approach to how energy is viewed and used.  He has recently moved to our area and has become a regular working Ifa Priest with us.  He brings some fascinating ideas on how to look at and use this energy.  He is an artist in his own right...and an incredible strategist!
We are so excited to welcome these four wonderful people that we know and love so much.  As a part of this event... you will also have an opportunity to ask them your questions and share something of your own.  We welcome an interactive dialog inside the hour we spend together.  This is an incredible opportunity and limited to 25 people per session so if you are serious about learning...get organized and make a reservation. 
With love and blessings.............Ase Ase Ase.  Iyanifa Vassa
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