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Ifa Foundation International

This coming
Wednesday night
Meet the Peoples

Their family has an incredible story that so many of you can identify with and learn from.  They have taken Ifa-ing seriously!
Learn how they have worked with the path of Ifa to bring the quality of each of their lives into positions they had not known possible.  From each being single parents with several children each before meeting...practicing Santeria/Lucumi and a little more...
To finding love and creating a baby.  From attending an Orisa workshop at Ola full initiations for each of them and even "their" special Obatala child, Eshe...
(initiated as an infant)


Everyone should seek to understand everything they can.
And Ososi is one important doorway to know how to find and what to do when you go inside!

Every level  seeker is welcome to learn what this dynamic energy is all about.
We are sharing what we have learned over decades of exploration and connecting.

Here is a list of some of the special pieces to our presentation:
Communicating within as well as outside.
Empowering your thoughts and your accuracy of movement from them.

Learn how to empower each step on your journey path...

Altar ideas
Ebbo ideas
Offering ideas

Ososi Priest


When you are in the presence of are standing in front of one dynamic unique woman!

Ososi is manifested in human form so purely.
Her husband, Babalawo Ifawole (known as Clint) knew he needed to receive the Orisa Ososi along side her initiation so they could be on level ground!  From that day their lives have gone into new levels of success.

Iya Vassa and Odebunmi will present an exciting evening that will enrich your lives forever.    

  Osanyin Workshop  
 inside the Sacred Orisa gardens 
 Saturday September 8th    

The Sacred Orisha Gardens
Ola Olu

The Labyrinth of 256 Odu

Orisa and Ifa Initiations &
Women's Empowerment