WEDNESDAY Webex OnLine Event

face-to-face-in-your-place    9-19-12

know more    ORISHA OSUN

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Meet Osun Priest, Tonya !
Tonya also initiated into Ifa.. Iyanifa Odutola.
Odutola has risen to the level of becoming a member of the Sacred Nana Buuken Society.
Once you meet her....
you will never forget her!

Iya Tonya brings joy the minute she arrives in your space.  She exudes Osun's energy...from the dynamic strength of Osun, Iya and the loving wife and nurturing mother. 
She is an incredible Ifa team mate at the sacred Orisha gardens...working shoulder to shoulder with us inside the ceremonies of empowerment. 
She shares this path with husband, Oluwo Gabe & son, Eli.
We will let her tell you the rest!

Meet Javier Lujan -
known as “Fajuitan”...

A close collaborator and technical advisor to the Ifa Foundation...
Javier seeks to further the reach and understanding of the Ifa philosophy. 

Javier has been involved with Ifa for two decades, first as Osun priest, then as Babalawo.  An advocate of self-empowerment and self-discovery with a keen spiritual awareness and understanding sharing his insights of the Osun energy. 

The Ifa Foundation is commited to sharing an open forum for the study and practice of Ifa. 
Specialty venues we offer:
S.E.E. workshops on the grounds
of the Sacred Orisa Gardens,
OnLine Wednesday classes,
Ifa College Forum, YouTube,
Ifa Blog, Facebook pages:
Sacred Orisha Gardens,
Ifa Foundation, Philip Neimark

Next webex, the 26th - Osanyin

Experience on line learning as well as
making a trip to Ola Olu to FEEL  the
energy in the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Gardens...Ola Olu.

connect with Iya Vassa....

We are opening this up for all
levels...we will reach everyone.

Coming up next at the retreat

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Daytona/Orlando Florida

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