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face-to-face-in-your-place    8-29-12

know more    ORISA OYA

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Carved Oya figure

What is the real
Truth about Oya?

This week, I am honored to introduce
to you...

Two very special humans that are not only super connected Orisa Oya Priests... 
they are also the two individuals I get to share a great deal of time with at the
Ola Olu retreat.
They are deeply immersed in
this great path. 
Their commitment is pure of heart.  They walk the talk.  They live a life threaded together by their true Ori path.
We are blessed to have both of their energies on either side of us while performing the ceremonies.
Get to know what they know!  It will be great for you!

Here is what
is coming up in
everyone is

We are offering
online learning
as well as great
inside the Sacred
Orisa Gardens.
Make 2012 the year!

Oko Scorpion Necklace
Meet Ifafore
A seeker of wisdom and knowledge.
A well-read, diverse person.  One who has walked many paths to get here.
He is one that has sought and fought for the Truth.

Ifafore has done what he calls...
"the heavy lifting".
He has taken on life's challenges and employs all of the matrix's the path of Ifa offers to create order and greater success in his life!

Ifafore has gone through the Orisa and Ifa ceremonies of empowerment ...all bloodless!
Ifafore has also received Odu inside the sacred society of Oluwo's.

He has studied intensely with Oluwo Neimark and has become a very profound diviner who now co-teaches the younger Initiates
with both of us.
Feel free to ask him questions...he will have some answers that will fulfil your curiousity!

Elegua-Esu Oko
Meet Iya Fasebe
We have worked together for many years now...
shoulder to shoulder
as Iyanifa's and inside the sacred women's empowerment spaces of Nana Buuken.
Iya Fasebe is deep. 

She is an old sole with a huge connection to the Grandmothers.  Many of her ancestors are Cherokee.
The knowledge she has to share with you will be very complimentary to Ifafore's. 

Iya Fasebe is a true artist and is tapping into places of the core to produce some special spiritual tools with me.
She and I have been keeping the Sacred Gardens in shape...tending to the plants and the shrines together and truly seeing how our two energies are complimentary!

It is going to be great to hear what she will bring out and share Wednesday. 

Oya is an energy that is both so male and female.
I am so excited to share what I have learned along side the two of these special people.
Experience on line learning as well as

Come to feel the energy in
the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Gardens...Ola Olu.

We are opening this up for all
levels...we will reach everyone.
Osain / Osanyin Event

Daytona/Orlando Florida

September 15th   $75.00