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ORI ORI ORI in charge of your Destiny

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Get started now in taking this step to get into step with what your truth is.  Stop blaming circumstances and others for how your life is and live with Iwa Pele.  Make the sacrifices necessary to be living in the best level possible.  This knowledge is so important to have...learn how to deal with what life has been dealing you.  Ase.
These bronze figures represent the Ori energy matrix and are used for connecting tools on people's altar along with the Ori snail potion and the Ori herbs and essences.  There is so much you can do to become in touch with your chosen destiny path. 
Ori shrine at Ola Olu.  The large 3-legged staff is made from a tree.  We stand upon three things.  Come and learn what those are and you can become more in balance and on track with your chosen destiny.
Ile Ori Grande
This is an incredible piece that the Yoruban artisans create inside their small villages.  It is so incredibly beautiful that I feel it belongs in a museum.  One can have this on their altar and work with it as part of their Ori.  And these come in 3 sizes too.  For parents that are dealing with children and helping them walk in alignment with their true destiny is recomended that you have their  Guardian Orisha divined and then you as the parent can work with their destiny path...shaping them with alignment until the child is mature enough to work with their Ori on their own. 
IyaVassa began her journey with Ori right after she discovered she was mis-crowned.  It was the solution to a difficult situation.  If you or anyone you know has been living with the feeling like life is a bit off course...then they may want to look closer at the powerful life changing Ori/Destiny ceremony.  Take one day to change the rest of your life.  Check out this great video and enjoy seeing what else this can bring you.    Truly amazing experience.  Ase.
Doreen's story is quite amazing.  She  was at a point in life where she wanted something different...she knew there had to be more.  Children grown...had enough with her job and packed up her car and drove to Ola Olu...ready to change her whole life and move in alignment with the course of her true destiny path.  She is such a brave woman that has spent her professional life serving to help others.  Wait till you hear what happened when she got her Ori ceremony done.  Ase.
Babalawo Omolabake has come through alot from prior deaiings with "other" Ifa Priests and arrived at Ola Olu with a warm heart and open mind.
He had started with the Ifa Foundation with being ready to crown his Guardian Orisa, Obatala and then go straight to Ifa.  This truly brought so much more to his life.  The following year he wanted to come back (wife and children in tow) to bring full balance with the Ori Destiny ceremony.  It so amazing to watch the whole family light up and elevate from the experience.  His story is a great one to hear. Ase

Iya Adeyemi had started her journey with finding out her guardian Orisa was Osun and then became curious about what was next. 
The next step she took was getting her Ori Destiny ceremony two years ago. 
Wait till you hear what profound changes took place after that one day in her life.  The path she walks with carries so many people with it and she has been doing her Ifa-ing so she is prepared for all that comes her way.  She is an Ifa team member out at the retreat regularly sharing
her wisdom as well as her fine gifts.

Experience online learning as well as
making a trip to Ola Olu to "FEEL" the
energy in the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Orisha Gardens
known as Ola Olu.

Feel free to connect with Iya Vassa

We are openng this up for all levels.
(Initiated and non-Initiated)  Ase.

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