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face-to-face-in-your-space 10-10-12


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Join Iya Vassa and Ifarinmoade
in a special presentation of this
powerful Orisha matrix.

Yemonja/Olokun was the Orisha that Royal (Ifa Priest Ifarinmoade) chose at the time of his conception.
He has walked each step of his Oir's journey with this dynamic energy.

Come and learn more about how
your life can truly benefit when you
align with Yemonja/Olokun.

We will share years of experience
along with details on ideas that you
can use immediately in your life.

Royal has been interested in Spiritualism and Fine Art. (the piece featured above is one of his creations).
Royal holds a BA in Fine Arts and MSW from SUNY Albany in NY. He is an LCSW and works with our veterans at the Albany VA Hospital. He has practiced Wicca and studied Kabbalah as well as Quantum Physics. Royal continues to enhance his spirituality by studying and practicing the Holistic Healing Arts. 

Royal’s true passion is developing his abilites as an Ifa Priest using his Guardian Orisa energy to balance with.
Over 10 years ago, he was initiated as a Priest of Yemoya (Omitola) and now walks as a Babalawo.
As an experienced spiritualist who possesses a vast amount of knowledge about theology, science, and philosophy, Royal brings his intuitive insights and compassionate healings to his spiritual work as an IFA priest.
Experience online learning as well as
making a trip to Ola Olu to FEEL the
energy in the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Orisha Gardens
known as Ola Olu.

feel free to connect with Iyanifa Vassa

We are opening this up for all levels.
(Initiated and non-Initiated)   Ase.

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November 3rd & 4th