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face-to-face-in-your-place    8-22-12

know more    ORISA OGUN  

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Step inside the world of Orisa Ogun Priest Iya Vassa and see what living the life of an Ogun is all about.  Iya Vassa will share what she has learned over her 25 years of connecting to the resource of the Ogun energy matrix. 

Within 6 weeks of finding out her Guardian Orisa was Ogun (after being mis-read through another system as an Obatala and crowning that Orisa too)...Iya Vassa was holding a torch in her hand and bending steel to create Orisa Sacred Art for the Ola Olu Spiritual Retreat Orisa gardens! 

From conquering fear to creating a life nver imagined...Iya Vassa will take you on a journey of a story of a wounded child to a Nana woman empowering others.  This should inspire anyone that has felt the shape of their past has limited their future.  No Knowing MORE.

The Ogun energy is amazing and IyaV is so excited to be able to give the gifts she was given...truly the Ogun way...from the heart! 
What is Ogun...
What can you do with this energy...

Tap into some creative thinking as Iya Vassa delivers some great ideas for you to use.

Ogun, the clearer of obstacles.  Learn how to use this energy for shedding and freeing your life from stuckness.

Ogun, the passionate lover of creating beauty.  Learn how to find what it is you love and do it!

Ogun, the tireless achiever.  Learn how to perseve while keeping higher levels of energy throughout the process.

Ogun, the builder.  Learn how to make more from what is right in front of you. 

Ogun, the warrior.  Learn how to use quiet strength to move those obstacles. 

Ogun, the healer.  Learn how to use those special tools to empower you and create an optimal healthier & successful life.
Experience on line learning as well as

Come to feel the energy in
the special environment of
The Sacred Spiritual Gardens...Ola Olu.

We are opening this up for all
levels...we will reach everyone.

Osain / Osanyin Event

Daytona/Orlando Florida

September 15th   $75.00