The Ifa College S.E.E. online event

Wednesday Webex on the IBEJI

August 8th - 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. EST

The Ibeji

Is your bloodline connected to a child conceived but did not make it to full term?  Have you been a part of aborting a child?  Have you been a part of a miscarriage?  If so, your life will be able to have more harmony knowing what we are sharing.  What happens when the spirit of an unborn child is not at peace will amaze you.  This imbalance can cause disharmony with your health and the health of your children as well as disturb the success of your life.  It must be aligned and harmonized.  We will teach you how.

Everyone can work with the Ibeji.  End chaos.  End family problems.  End the parts of the negative family cycle. 

Work with Ibeji for change!

This coming Wednesday ...
join Iya Vassa and Nana Buuken
Iyanifa Ifaponmile (most know her as Iya Eunice) for a conversation
about the very important energy of the Ibeji.  Iya Eunice has spent many years studying the Ibeji and has some incredible stories to share!  She is so connected to what this energy is about and she is going to teach you how to work with the Ibeji.  As she moves with her main guardan Orisa energy ... Yemonja/Olokun, she will enlighten you with how this journey has been for she is a incredibly nurturing mother and an extremely nurturing daughter to her Mother.  She has come full circle with her personal work and changed her life through Ifa-ing.  We will let her tell you the she has several books worth of knowledge to give you!
The Ibeji

There are a variety of carving styles that meet the criteria of being Ibeji.  The carvings are created for a man or woman to work with in order to align the spirit of those that did not make it to full term. 

We will also be discussing how to create harmony with the children of Abiku.

When a person that knows they need to work with these spirit entities they would have a set of Ibeji carvings on an altar where they would give offerings and say their prayers.  This would bring a healing and bring peace.



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