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A Family on Mission in Grove Park ATL

We didn't disappear, we were just busy restoring a home and moving into our new comunity where we are planting a New Church. 
Yes... Things have been crazy, but Jesus has been so good and we have been so blessed despite our quickness to forget God's promises and His faithfulness.

Here is a great Blog post by Kimberly to read to catch you up on our summer.

This update email will attempt to give a 10,000 foot view of what is happening and if you want to zoom in you can click on the various links and pictures to read more on our blog, watch a clip, or listen to a sermon. We promise that these updates will be way more regular (monthly) and shorter, over these next years as we lock into the rhythm of our new life in Grove Park. 

We just launched our new blog:
This is the best way to stay up to date on our adventures as we raise six kids, 
share life with our neighbors and plant a new Church.
As we moved and settled into our Beautiful Grove Park Community we have met some of the most amazing people. We had the chance to run with our Neighbor and his family in the Peach Tree Road Race (10k) and have been so blessed to form some great relationships, especially with some of the kids in the community. Read about our Warrior Week with a bunch of young men here, and check out this video of Kimberly in action.
Our awesome neighbor Bilal (middle) has been Danny's workout buddy since we got here. He invited us to join his family running team for the Peachtree 10k. We trained hard, and Danny's whole goal was to beat Kimberly... But that didn't happen... Better luck next year.
Our first community gathering at a local A-Town Wings joint where Danny has a relationship with the owner. He closed early and created a delicious buffet for us. We had a great turn out and are excited about all of the relationships being formed in our community.
As we finished up our two year year residency program at Perimeter Church and Renovation Church on August 31st, we launched our ministry with a labor day barbecue. Special thanks to PAW Kids and Carlos and Latonya Boston for letting us use their facility. 
We are so thankful for our time this last year at Renovation Church, and for the chance to learn from Pastor Leonce Crump and his team. This is us getting prayed for and sent during our last worship service there with that amazing Church Family.
We started having our ShalomHouse Gatherings on Sunday nights in our home. We eat dinner and fellowship, then go down into our den for a time of Worship, Word, and prayer. It has been an amazing time where we have felt the presence of the Living God in a powerful way. The people we have been forming relationships with in our community have been such a blessing, and it has been neat to see God work in folks lives. So far, we have had two young men who have professed faith and are starting a baptism readiness class in October with Danny. 
  • Praise God for bringing Kimberly through very hard postpartum depression. We are thankful for the many family and friends who came along side of us in this battle. 
  • Praise God for Danny's shoulder recovery from his motorcycle accident. He is playing basketball again, doing push ups and it is almost 95% or so healed. We are so thankful for the prayers and support through this.
  • Please pray for protection for us. We seem to constantly have kids getting injured. Trinity broker her arm, Malachi knocked out his teeth, Judah fell and jammed his little teeth up into his gums, and Kimberly had a terrible dental issue. Please pray for provision for all the medical bills (we are still dealing with ones from the pregnancy and Danny's accident)
  • Pray that our hearts would daily seek the Lord and find our hope in Him and not in our ministry or what we do. Pray that we would make much of Jesus to our kids and that they would indeed be our most important ministry.
  • Pray for Danny as he focuses on leading and casting vision for this new work. Pray that he will commune deeply with Jesus each day, and listen to the Spirit's promptings and faithfully obey.
  • Pray for Kimberly as she continues to serve our family and manage the home. It is a full time job and the constant traffic of neighborhood kids, homeless families staying with us, as well as weekly discipleship groups, woman's groups and Shalom gatherings can be quite wearing. We are thankful for all the community members stepping in to help her, but she needs strength and we really need our kids to be faithful in their chores. Pray for obedient hearts for them that love Jesus, and that they would be full of God's grace as they serve on mission with us.
  • Pray for healing for Trinity's Arm. Her cast came off but it healed crooked, and unless something supernatural happens, they will need to re-break and set it again.
  • If you have signed up to support our mission expect an email with your Grove Park street to pray for.
  • Praise God for those who are coming to Christ and the many others exploring the realities of the gospel for the first time. Pray for the baptism prep class Danny is beginning in October.
  • Pray for God to raise up a launch team from within this community to help plant this Church. We are convinced that it is necessary for folk from our community to have buy in before we start having Sunday morning worship celebrations. Pray God would raise up local leaders and who feel called and compelled by God's vision for Shalom in Grove Park. Pray all so for the many families that have stepped out in faith and moved in to join the Church. Also pray for those praying about moving in and being a part of this work. Pray for God's leading and provision.
  • Pray for those from Atlanta Westside Church praying about being involved in this new work. Pray for God's Spirit to lead and direct them. Pray for a Spirit of unity between all those involved in reaching Grove Park.
  • Pray for Chuck Johnston and Grove Park Renewal as they labor to repair and restore some of the run down houses in the community. Pray that many new investors who are Kingdom minded will pour resources into the community for the sake of dignified development that doesn't displace the poor but lifts them.  
  • Pray for Jonathan Nuwayhid, one of the guys in Danny's discipleship group who just came on staff to be Danny's Armor Bearer (Admin Assistant). Pray for him as he raises his monthly support in order to be able to work full time for the ministry. If there is any interest in being on partnership team and supporting him go here to support him.
  • Pray for God's leading as we recruit a Church planting apprentice to live and serve in our community. We need to hire someone by December and one of the potential candidates ended up not working out. Pray for God to lead and put us in contact with the right person.
This summarizes how we all feel at the end of our long packed days... No, this was not staged, they actually fell asleep like this. 
We celebrated 11 years of marriage this past September 18th and are thankful for God's faithfulness and the love of Jesus continually growing in us despite our failures. We are more united and in love than ever and excited for this new season of Church Planting.
Please consider investing into our community through our ministry. Our community is filled with many different needs, and your gift is multiplied into the lives of amazing image bearers of God who are discovering and displaying His Kingdom more fully.
Please consider joining our prayer team. We will assign you a street in our community and ask that you consistently pray for God's Shalom to be discovered and displayed. We will do our best to keep you updated on what happens on your adopted street. 
Stay in touch by following our blog:
We will be posting stories about what God is up to in our lives as a family, ministry updates, theological reflections, sermons, and other resources for Shalom.  
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