Hey Friends and Family. By taking 6-7 minutes to read this newsletter we worked really hard on you will learn:
1. All about some of the new Micro-Churches and ministries multiplying around our community and the great Kingdom impact they are having.
2. How to support them - all through watching grown men fight in a cage
3. Our family news about a new baby and Kimberly's new book.
4. How to pray for team Iverson (we need it) and support us as a family on mission.

People ask me all the time "Where is your church?" They want to come to my church... how flattering... Like it's mine... and like it's a particular place you can go. I've started answering their question: "everywhere"... which is true and exactly how we are praying this expression of the body of Christ being birthed in Grove Park will be known... Not as a place, or an event, or a day of the week, or a religious service... not defined by who the leader or front guy is... but as a people, living and sharing life everywhere, discovering and displaying the Kingdom of God in all areas of life. As God continues developing and birthing this "Everywhere Church" I see my role to be the ultrasound technician who is pointing out the features of what is being developed and helping people get excited and motivated to selflessly go to the next level down into deeper dependence, surrender, and availability to Jesus, and his way of loving and living life in and through us his precious people. And it is indeed an exciting adventure... Here's a ministry update. Email me back with any questions!
Our weekly Warrior Nights Worship and Word times have taken "Church" to a whole new level for many of us. God's at work... it's hard work, but Jesus is winning as love prevails and we keep walking in the Spirit. 

Next Generation Foundation

Bishop Larry Corker and his wife Gloria, who have been leaders with us in our House Church ministry the last 3 years and wonderful mentors of ours, recently launched NGF to help cover and unite all the various children and youth ministries going on in our community. Danny has been asked to chair the board and help it develop its vision and mission. Learn more at

Restoration Studios 

In order to reach the youth in Newark 10 years ago, we launched Safe Haven Studios...  and now, here in Atlanta, with the help and innovation of many builders, artists, engineers, and generous donors, we officially introduce Restoration Studios to the world. This is a studio like no other. With industry standard quality being produced at an affordable price, this studio provides jobs, training, and development for local artists, producers, and engineers while also funding an apprentice/mentorship program for youth in the community. It's designed to become a self-sustaining non-profit studio that blesses the arts community and impacts the next generation of creatives.  

Studio Grind 101

The Studio Grind program is designed to intentionally expose underprivileged youth and young adults to the beauty of audio and visual media and help them discover and develop their various creative talents through mentorship relationships while operating in a safe, high-quality studio environment. It's discipleship and workforce development all in one. Professional artists, engineers, producers, and videographers who love Jesus give of their time to invest in the next generation of creatives. The impact and energy is contagious. We are very excited about this new Micro-Chruch developing. 


When I (Danny) started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Newark 10 years ago, I never imagined it would become one of the main avenues for discipling my own kids as well as kids and teens from our community. Our kids were part of the first kids to launch the kids' program at the academy where I train - Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu. Our kids invited their friends and I invited some of the teens I was mentoring and WarriorLife Academy was born... and now we are about to launch a program in one of the local schools. Jiu-Jitsu and Jesus really go well together and we are super excited to see God develop body, mind, and Spirit through this ministry. 

One of the ways right now to support all these emerging ministries is through our fight night fundraiser this Friday.  We partner with X3 Foundation to put this high-end vegas style event on (Watch video below  and you'll see...) I know a lot of people reading this aren't in Atlanta, and can't come and support it, but you can still give online and even sponsor people from our community who want to go but it is outside their budget. Go to to sponsor and put "community sponsor" in note section.
As you know, Danny has been using Martial Arts (Brazillian Jiujitsu) to help mentor kids in the community (alongside five of our own kids doing it as well) Last year we had our first Fight Night Fundraiser at Danny's brother's brewery - Monday Night Brewing. It was a great success! This year we are doing it again and taking it to the next level with 5 title fights. But we need your help! We still have 4 tables to sell and are looking for sponsors. Please come, and if you can't please consider sponsoring someone else from our community to be able to enjoy this event. 
Learn more at
Help us fight alongside these kids and teens fighting for their futures.
Another Iverson
15 weeks

Iver-8 coming in April. 
Kimberly: Yes... It has happened again. We are thrilled to announce that God has chosen to bless us and entrust us with an eighth child!! I have just finished my first trimester and I am thankful for the ways the Lord has provided the energy and strength to continue to care for and educate the rest of the clan. To read about our educational choices and full fall schedule, read this blog post or check out our Instagram @KimberlyAIverson or @dannyiverson. During pregnancies and the ensuing intense pregnancy fatigue, the whole family has to pitch in more, and I am so humbled to have a husband that is SO involved with care for our kids and seeks to serve me by giving me times to rest and recuperate from the intensity of our daily schedule. Pregnancies are a family ordeal around here! One night, while Danny was out at a meeting, Benjamin, our 8-year-old, WITH a broken collarbone, shoo’ed me to bed and said, “Mom! We got this! We’ll clean the kitchen…just go to bed!” And this was coming from my “spacey” child who usually can’t focus enough to complete his own evening chore…which is probably why I get so exhausted in the first place! (Granted, he knows all too well that when mom is exhausted and is pushed to the limit late at night, her irritability level goes up tremendously.)

New Book by Kimberly: Heirloom

Back in February, it came as an inspiration from the Holy Spirit….to set about writing and recording the rich faith and wisdom of Kimberly’s 92-year-old grandmother, Anne Murphy. Feeling as if the Holy Spirit was filling her sails with wind, and being propelled by Him in the whole process, she began having conversations and visits that recorded “Grandma’s” insights from the Word of God and life lessons. In early July Kimberly’s grandmother had a sudden stroke and then, five days later, joined Jesus in the Presence of the Father.  The Lord could not have been more kind and comforting to Kimberly in this deep double loss. (Kimberly’s mother had passed away when she was 15 years old, and her maternal grandmother, Anne, had since filled that role in her life).  
While grappling with the loss of a bedrock in her life, she was able to compile those conversations and bits of wisdom into a book in order to pass down to the next generation(s) the wisdom that the Lord had filled her grandmother with throughout her nine decades of walking with Him.  This book is not just a blessing to those who knew Anne Murphy or called her “Grandma”, but it is filled with ageless wisdom and insights from which anyone could glean treasures. Please consider ordering one of her preliminary copies, which is now available on Amazon.
Prayer Time
  • Safe pregnancy and delivery and energy for Kimberly.

  • Continued thankfulness for Danny's complete healing from Lyme disease. If you haven't read about the healing service read about it here
  • New leaders to be trained and multiplied to launch more #KingdomStrong micro-churches around Atlanta that have real impact on shaloming our city and world. 
  • Support and provision for our family. We are so thankful for Perimeter backing us these last three and a half years, but we are now back to support raising for our family and raising up our growing family team (I call it "biological" church planting) To become a partner sending us on this Kingdom mission:   Monthly support = win.
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