Now is not the time to shrink away as cowards in the night

Now is the time to rise and stand and shine your brightest light


Now is not the time to sit in silence afraid to make a choice 

Now is the time to engage injustice by lifting up your voice 


Now is not the time to make excuses and explain away people’s pain

Now is the time to heal these wounds that fester again and again. 


Now is not the time to religionize your politics and pride

Now is the time to love your neighbor standing by your side


Now is not the time for violent rage to terrorize our streets 

Now is the time for righteous anger to burn with passionate feats


Now is not the time to use your power in greed and selfish gain 

Now is the time to sacrifice for those in deepest pain


Now is not the time to waste your treasures and time on things that fade. 

Now is the time to utilize your privileges to save


Now is not the time to make new foes and argue and debate 

Now is the time to lock our arms and stand against the hate 


Now is not the time to try and colonize your place in history’s roles

Now is the time to join the story of redemption being told 


Now is not the time to hide behind the doctrines of wicked men

Now is the time to pray for peace and healing in the land 


Now is not the time to shrink away as cowards in the night

No, my friend, now is the time to rise, to stand, to shine your brightest light.

*Explanation - I wrote this poem in the early morning hours while spending time with God. I wept as I  prayed for peace and justice in our community, city and country. So much hate, so much pride, so much apathy toward others' pain. So much confusion.  This is a call to action.  A call to forsake complacency in this moment and let the light of Christ shine through a life of love and mercy. Not later... Not when you figure all this out...  Now... What will we be known for?  

Two ways to engage NOW
There are many followers of Jesus, like us, advocating that black lives really do matter to God and should matter to this world. We are attempting to not just talk about it, but manifest it for the world to see, that all might know of the reconciling love of God in Christ and join him in the story of redemption unfolding.

We could use your help in our mission. The last 3 months of intense relief work with our NO ONE HUNGRY, NO ONE HOMELESS campaign has left us quite dry financially as an organization. God met many needs through us (that includes you all our supporters), and we have seen so much fruit in people's lives during this time. But we are behind in our fundraising efforts to support our summer programs with our many youth, desperate for community, and wanting to do something this summer other than walking the streets. None of us want them wandering around aimlessly, and the black leaders of our community have collectively put together 3 different work development programs this summer designed to help our youth learn skills and make some money while being mentored and developed in their character.

We still need to raise $20,000 this week to be able to fully fund this work for the rest of the summer.

I know that seems like a lot, but not to God, and I know we can do it together. I believe this work is worth it.  Can you help us?

Donate Here!

When?   June 15th - July 2020. 4 weeks of work, 2 weeks of fun. 

What?    Through your generous gifts, we are partnering with experts in various fields and paying our youth to apprentice under these experts for 4 weeks, acquiring job skills while also being mentored by these strong, Godly, black leaders... and they get to make some honest money too! Sounds pretty unboring right? Some of the work our kids will be doing will be in a studio, hair salon, lawn care, car wash, daycare, and food bank. 

After we finish 4 weeks of work, we will spend the last two weeks doing fun things like camping, and ropes courses, and laser tag... Work hard AND play hard. 

How?    With this Pandemic and protests changing our world in the last few months, we had to adjust our programs to meet the need. We chose 35 of our most committed youth and have decided to put everything we can into their spiritual, mental, emotional, and vocational development this summer. Through strategic partnerships with generous donors as well as business partners, we are attempting something that we believe will matter greatly to the futures of our youth. Help us help them!

We are joining thousands of other believers across, color, culture, class, and age to declare the reality of the Kingdom of God to this world. The Church has a voice, and we have a message of hope, the beautiful gospel of grace, a gift from our savior King Jesus that he paid for with His life, and entrusted to us to proclaim to this world with our lives. It is the power of God not just for salvation from sin's penalty, but also salvation from sin's power, and the chains that seek to bind us and the lies that blind us. Not only that, we proclaim this gospel of hope, that one day, sin's presence will finally be done away with, and WE, as God's multicultural family, will finally experience the victory over the racism, injustices, and division that plagues us this side of glory. If that's our destiny, we seek to live into it now, and so we cry out "Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!"

If you are in Atlanta, join us as we March on Atlanta on Friday morning of June 19, 2020. In light of the racially motivated violence of the past several weeks, and the corresponding protests across our nation, we are calling for a clear biblical response of righteousness and justice from the Church of our city. Join us in decrying racism in every form, and declaring unity from the church across lines of race, class, denomination, and culture. We want the world to see a demonstration from the Church of truth & love, demanding that the story change for the generations to come. On this Juneteenth, we will remember the historic emancipation while calling for liberty and justice for all in our present times!



8:30 AM Gates Open at Centennial Olympic Park
9:30 AM Welcome and Worship
10:00 AM Statement on Righteousness and Justice
11:30 AM March to Georgia State Capitol
12:30 PM Capitol Gathering
1:00 PM Return to Centennial Olympic Park
2:00 PM Maverick City Music
3:00 PM Remarks by Special Guest
3:30 PM Closing Remarks

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