Merry Christmas Family and Friends! Here is our Christmas Card and update. Have a wonderful New Year.
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The idea of incarnation never ceases to amaze me... That the God of the universe who is above time and space would choose to make himself available to us in every way in the person of Jesus... to share life with sinful humanity in the most intimate sense in order to bless us forever and "lift us into himself" as  Athanasius once said.
The amazing thing about Christmas, is that the great story writer of this life we find ourselves living, would write himself into the story, and come to love and serve his enemies, die for their sins, and win their hearts forever.

The more that I meditate on this reality presented in God's Word, and experience day by day the presence of this available God, I find myself longing and desiring to ever more avail my own life to His purposes... how can I not? Incarnation changes us forever when we believe it and rest in it... It brings the reconciliation we all long for. It brings us hope in the midst of the struggles... hope that even as the brokenness of this present age asserts itself and we suffer, there is good news of redemption coming. Tidings of joy have been announced in the birth of this special baby. And so we celebrate... How can we not speak of such joy? Friends, let us rejoice with all of creation that "God is with us" and our hope is not in vain.

"For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross."
Colossians 1:19–20 
Danny's Surgery Update
My rotator cuff and labrum surgery (because of my motorcycle accident) was a huge success...Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. We couldn't have made it without so many of you coming alongside of us and supporting us in this hard time. They say the surgery couldn't have gone better. I ended up with 6 new holes in my body, and 5 anchors drilled into my bones to reattach all the muscle and cartilage to... so yes, you can sort of call me a bionic man now if you want.
 My sling comes off January 7th but I have already begun physical therapy. It is going well and in 6-10 months (if I am faithful) it seems I will have full recovery. Please pray for the pain and for sleep. It has been hard to sleep on my back with my arm up in the air... Also, prayers are appreciated for my heart as I go through this season. It has been hard, but I can honestly say it has been good and God has been teaching me great things about myself and Himself in this.

Jesus likes to speak to us in our brokenness, and in the quietness of the night as I lie in pain, and even self-loathing at my lack of productivity these days, our sweet Savior likes to whisper His love and remind me that “those who wait upon the Lord WILL renew their strength.”  I have been trying to figure out what God has been up to with the suffering our family has faced these last 14 months, and I am concluding that Jesus wants to humble my heart, wants me to trust Him, wait on Him and listen to Him more, with patience and faith. In the stillness of my brokenness and hopelessness in my own capacity, the healing and presence of God seems to be its strongest, and the calling to lean into his strength and power has been the loudest.

I read recently about St. Francis who is said to have worn a patched robe because he wanted to appear to others exactly as he was on the inside—wounded and weak. That's how I feel right now and that's what I am displaying to my family and to my church and everyone. It's hard and humbling, but a great place to be. As I face my broken self I am experiencing God in an amazing way. St. Augustine said: “In my deepest wound I found you, Lord, and it dazzled me.”  I am being dazzled right now in my wounded-ness and thank God for this opportunity and season in our lives to cling to His promise and rest in His presence.
End of the Year Donations
This next fall we begin launching a new Church in Grove Park (inner city of West Atlanta). It is a beautiful community filled with amazing human beings longing for the Shalom (holistic peace) of Jesus, even though some of them have yet to realize that...(hence a new Church)  We are moving there in the upcoming months to begin sharing life with our neighbors in this community and to discover and display together what that Shalom might look like and what our city could be like... Read HERE about this place on Kimberly's blog.

We have a donor who has offered a matching gift of $100,000 to help us start this church if we can match it through our family, friends and church connections.

That means every dollar given turns into two! We are super thankful for this and wanted to invite you all to help us raise these matching funds. One time and recurring gifts and pledges count toward it. Would you please consider partnering with us by either giving a one-time gift now or signing up to support the effort monthly with $25, $50, $100 or $200 gifts. Please help us connect as well with Churches or others who might be interested in a vision like this.

Checks made payable to "Perimeter Church" and mailed to:
Perimeter Church
Att: Danny Iverson
9500 Medlock Bridge Road
Johns Creek, GA 30097
(Please put  "Grove Park Mission" in the memo)

Online One time and recurring donations here

Thank you all for your partnership in this, and may this season of Christmas be a season of great joy in Jesus, the greatest gift of love ever given...
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