Prayer warriors… Those who believe Spiritual warfare is a real thing… Anyone connected to vans or buses. Anyone who knows this summer program is an essential part of the safety, nurture and development of the kids most forgotten in our city… I need you this morning.

We start summer camp in 24 hours and we are still 50 seats short to transport the kids we’ve been entrusted with this summer for our Safe Summer Program. One van was totaled (No one hurt thank God), one bus vandalized last week and one of our buses we are borrowing broke down yesterday. I feel the weight and it feels like a mountain that needs to be moved and I have nothing in my resources that can accomplish this. Auto shops are backed up, finding vans to rent by tomorrow has been a dead end and as I prepare to preach this morning on “Let the little children come” I have nothing in my power right now to actually make that happen… It’s a hard and humbling place to be… But exactly where God wants me as I write this. How I need him this morning and how I need the body of Christ to pray and cover us. It’s good to be in a place of desperate dependence on God and others, and to have my heart set ablaze with fresh fire to fight against the enemies of redemption and restoration in the lives of the people I love and have been called to serve and lead.

So I am praying and asking you all to pray. These vehicle challenges are hitting us hard. Would you please pray for clear and effective solutions to be revealed today?

If anything comes to mind as you pray, any solutions that might help us, please reach out to me.