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We're probably best known for producing feature-length stories, but did you know we've also created hundreds of short-form tips called Growing Bolder Minutes for ourselves and our partners? In this week's Growing Bolder Insider, we're sharing a few of these Minutes to help inspire and motivate you. Each of the stories below is just one minute long, but we promise, they're all long on useful information that can make a difference in your life. 

Beautiful At Every Age
Best-selling author Barbara Hannah Grufferman says our youth obsessed culture needs to realize that true beauty is ageless and we should all worry less about what others think about us and start feeling great about ourselves.

Live Like a Rock Star: Go Green
Did you know that Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of the Byrds Roger McGuinn is committed to protecting the environment? Roger and his wife and road manager Camilla have become eco-warriors when it comes to saving energy and saving money.

Taking Social Security Too Early Can Ruin Your Retirement 
Certified financial planner practitioner Joe Bert says the most common mistake people make in retirement planning is taking Social Security too early. He busts myths and breaks down the costs of taking benefits early.

Don't Let a Bad Back Keep You From a Good Life
Lower back pain is one of leading causes of physical limitations, especially as we age. The good news is there are some easy ways to prevent it. Physical therapist Tiffany Wasson, DPT, explains how a strong core prevents a weak back.

The Wide-Ranging Effects of Tobacco and Alcohol Use
World-renowned neurosurgeon Robert Masson, M.D., is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wonders why anyone would smoke or drink excessively. Dr. Masson explains the effects of both on injury prevention and recovery.

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