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Growing Bolder


This is the greatest time in history to be over the age of 60. Or 80. Or even 100! We are on the cusp of a longevity revolution, and that's why we're so passionate about Rebranding Aging®. The opportunities are tremendous. But they require effort. They take a commitment to Growing Bolder.

In the coming months, you'll see much more about the new Growing Bolder Life Institute, including our partnerships with financial experts, fitness professionals, caregiving resources and much more. It's all designed to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.

But perhaps the most important factor is your health. So let's look at the facts.

35% of U.S. adults don't exercise at all, and lack of exercise is the primary cause of chronic disease. It's not just affecting our bodies, either. Our minds and souls take a hit when we don't move. You must use it or lose it.

Recently, Growing Bolder's President and CEO Marc Middleton delivered a powerful and provocative challenge to a group of fitness professionals, as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Functional Aging Summit. He asked them -- and by extension, all of us -- to become leaders and role models for healthy, active aging.

And he shared powerful examples of Growing Bolder:

There are five qualities that are crucial to enjoying a high quality of life into our 80s, 90s and beyond. Because as one world record-breaking swim team proves: it's never too late.
What the mind believes, the body embraces. For Joe Johnston, the sky is the limit (but we're not even sure that's true in the case of this high-flying pole vaulter!). Step inside the Joe Dome with us.
DJ Mamy Rock smashed stereotypes about what aging looks and feels like, and just by spinning tunes on the turntables, inspired hundreds of thousands of fans across the world to start dancing.
Brainwashing about what aging is or what we can do as we get older starts at birth. From books to TV to those over-the-hill greeting cards you see in every store, our ageist culture creates and reinforces destructive messages and demeaning propaganda. But you can break free.
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Every day Susan Toney wakes up, she's thankful to be alive. If you ever need proof that love is indeed the cure, look no further than her inspiring story of overcoming the odds and keeping the faith.
Artist Robert Sutz is a messenger for beautiful people who are filled with horrific memories. Sutz found his purpose late in life, but says the work and the men and women he meets keep him going.
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