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Musician John Babcock was just a child when President Kennedy was shot but John admits it is never far from his mind. He's sharing his prized collection of memorabilia and a song he wrote for the 25th anniversary that's just as touching and significant today. Click here to watch his tribute to a time gone by.
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It you think not being able to read music or play a single note should keep you from becoming a Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Webby award-winning songwriter, then you need to meet writer, painter and filmmaker Allee Willis.

Growing Bolder's Marc Middleton will be a guest on WKMG Local 6's current affairs program "Flashpoint," hosted by Lauren Rowe, on Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Marc will be discussing our Healthy 100 Executive Challenge project, which shines the spotlight on local leaders and executives who encourage workplace wellness initiatives and lead by example in their own lives. Tune in for ideas on how to create a healthy environment around you!


We're excited to introduce our newest project to you -- Team GB Elite. What is Team GB Elite? Team GB Elite is powered by passion. It's an eclectic and growing group of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, advocates, authors, philanthropists, educators, fitness experts and more who have a powerful passion for life and for chasing their dreams. They believe that life is what you make it and while they're busy doing their thing, they still find time to help and encourage others on their journey. Team GB Elite members embody the Growing Bolder ethos of hope, inspiration and possibility proving by example that it's never too late to create the life you want. Below, we'd love for you to meet the first members of Team GB Elite and to check out their new blogs. Stay tuned for details on how you can apply to be a part of Team GB Elite!
  Marc Middleton, Growing Bolder Founder/CEO
Marc is a former TV news guy who took a leap of faith, something he calls the hardest, most stressful and most rewarding experience of his life. On his blog, Marc is sharing the personal side of starting and running a business, as well as some of the lifestyle secrets he's learned from the people we cover on our TV and radio shows, our magazine, books and on Click here to read Marc's blog.
Bill Shafer, Growing Bolder Executive VP
Bill is one of the greatest storytellers to ever work in TV, and on his blog, he's sharing the stories behind the stories you already know and love. One of Bill's biggest passions is coaching youth hockey, and he'll also be sharing stories of how it's such a big part of his family's life and what lessons we can all learn from the game. Click here to check out Bill's blog.
  Wendy Chioji, Triathlete and Cancer Survivor
Wendy Chioji, host of our show "Surviving & Thriving" and a regular contributor to all Growing Bolder shows, is an Ironman triathlete, tireless fundraiser, adventurer and now a two-time cancer survivor. Twelve years after surviving her first cancer diagnosis, she's back in treatment for a new battle and sharing all the funny, heartbreaking and inspiring details of her journey. Click here to read Wendy's blog.
Sandy Scott, World Champion Cyclist
Sandy Scott didn't start cycling until he was 64 but he's made up for lost time! A decade later, he routinely beats competitors decades younger. In 2005, he broke his neck but he battled back, crushing even more records during his comeback. Sandy, a former airline pilot, is passionate about sharing what he's learned about the sport of cycling and helping others find their own fountains of youth. Click here to read Sandy's blog.
  Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, Artist
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson is the interesting person you wish was sitting next to you at a dinner party. The collage artist is a woman of many talents and interests, including playing in an orchestra, competing in triathlons and baking. As a young woman, she lost several friends in the Pan Am 103 terrorism bombing and vowed to live her life fully and vivaciously in their honor. Click here to see how she's doing just that.
Oleda Baker, Aging and Beauty Expert
Oleda Baker is a former high-fashion model who shares her tips and tricks for ageless beauty. She's the author of 10 books on beauty and health and is always looking for her next challenge. She's a self-taught artist whose work now hangs in prestigious galleries. For 40 years, she's also run her beauty products company Oleda and Company. She's passionate about the role of lifestyle in the role of healthy aging. Click here to read Oleda's blog.