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In February, the nation honors the achievements and examples of African-Americans. We're proud to add Dorothy Johnson's extraordinary story to this annual celebration. On the occasion of her 100th birthday, Dorothy celebrates a lifetime of giving back and breaking racial and gender barriers. Click here to watch her passionately share her secrets of longevity and get her advice for making your own mark on the world.
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  Remembering Stuart Scott

Photographer Tamara Lackey saw her friend Stuart Scott through a unique lens. Scott, a beloved ESPN anchor, died earlier this year of cancer at the age of 49. After his death, Tamara wrote a beautiful tribute to her friend and shared intimate photos of Stuart and his two daughters. She shares her memories in this month's issue of Growing Bolder Magazine. Click here to read her tribute to the man who was much more than his famous one-liners.
Need a Lift?

Willie Murphy is the world's top female powerlifter in her age group. "You have the ability to be better than what you think you can be," she tells Growing Bolder. Click here to meet this 77-year-old powerlifting dynamo and find out her message for everyone, particularly women, about what's possible as we age. She will pump YOU up!
  It's Up to You

World-renowned neurosurgeon and Growing Bolder contributor Robert Masson, M.D., says recovery from surgery is enhanced by the patient's commitment and attitude. It's a philosophy he had to prove himself after his own recent major surgery. Click here to read his latest Road to Recovery column and learn why your role in your recovery may be just as, or even more important, than that of your surgeon.
Use Your Food to Fight Back

When registered dietitian Tara Gidus's husband Stephen was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, the couple decided on a combination of traditional medicine and alternative therapy to combat his disease. He put up an incredible fight but sadly died of his disease in 2012. In this month's Bolder Nutrition column, Tara shares what she's learned about the link between food and cancer and offers her tips if you or someone you love is facing a cancer diagnosis.
  Rhythm of Life

Kenny G is one of the biggest selling instrumentalists of the modern era, with more than 75 million albums sold across the globe. In this month's 5 Questions feature, he talks about music, life, golf and even investing. It's a fascinating conversation with a musician who just may be the most interesting man in music. Click here to read it.