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Many of you know that Growing Bolder is based in Central Florida, with remote offices and networks across the state. That means that we are joining the 20 million other Floridians in tracking and closely monitoring Hurricane Irma.

And this comes, of course, shortly after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the United States, leaving devastation in its path. And meteorologists are tracking several new systems, and since the Atlantic hurricane season runs through November, it's likely we'll all be on alert for a while yet.

So, can these storms be stopped? Dr. Hugh Willoughby has spent a lifetime studying nature's most powerful storms, so we asked him to share his thoughts.
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One more note: we know that many of you are also from Florida or have friends and family here. We also know that the cleanup and recovery from Hurricane Harvey continues. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone affected by this year's storm season, and we encourage you to give your time, your money or whatever you can spare to support the first responders and philanthropic organizations who are making a difference. Move Forward. Give Back.® 
Chances are, when you think of Judy Collins, you immediately think of her legendary career, but hers is also a story of resilience, compassion and candor. Find out why she’s passionate about sharing her struggles to help others overcome their own obstacles in life.
"I just love living every day and doing the best I can. It's a simple thing." Words of wisdom from Onie Ponder, who was 110 when we met her, and went on to live to 112. She is one of our Rock Stars of Aging® and you can hear more of her inspirational words here!
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