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98-year-old Rachel Veitch was many things, as we discovered over nearly a decade of documenting and sharing her story with you. She was feisty, fearless (remember the surprise she pulled on us in "Romancing the Road"?) and never afraid to be in the driver's seat of her own life. This weekend, Rachel passed away, and while we're saddened to lose someone we considered a friend, we're thankful that her story and her spirit live on. Our original story has more than 11 million views on and Facebook, and we know that if you watch it -- for the first time or for the first time in a while -- you'll see why Rachel became the hard-driving, gun-toting, America-loving international celebrity that so many people fell in love with.
We first met Rachel when she was 89 years old and her beloved Mercury Comet -- Chariot -- had just 540,000 miles on it. We say just because Rachel and the Comet would be together for years and miles to come. But it all started with this story: Romancing the Road.
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After that, Rachel found herself in high demand from the media outlets -- the Today Show and Jay Leno came calling -- but perhaps the most important decision was: should she let Marc drive the car?
Watch our special ride with Rachel.
Over the years, we were there as Ford itself sent Rachel a very special honor (and a surprise visitor!) and when she decided it was time to hand over the keys for good. And in that final joyride with Rachel, we learned that Chariot would live on, even after Rachel's days were over.
Come along on Chariot's final joyride.
What can you learn from Rachel? What's her Growing Bolder Takeway? Whatever your passion is, pursue it. Take care of the things and people who love. Say yes to adventure and opportunity. Don't be afraid to follow the road, wherever it leads. And even when the future is uncertain, there's always joy.
We also want to share a big congratulations to our friend and repeat radio show guest Susan Silver on the release of and acclaim for her new book Hot Pants in Hollywood.
Susan became a trailblazer when she began her writing career in 1971 at The Mary Tyler Moore Show and went on to write for some of the most iconic sitcoms of all time (Bob Newhart, Maude, The Partridge Family, Square Pegs). As a female comedy writer in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men, Susan picked up some truly entertaining and inspirational stories and she shares them in the new memoir, along with her own path to reinvention.

In this new interview, Susan explains to Growing Bolder what compelled her to finally pen her memoir and how she thinks it will not only take other Boomers on a fun journey back in time but will speak to many of their own experiences as well.
Do you have any tattoos? Baby boomers comprise the fastest-growing market segment for tattoos and when we asked you to share yours, boy did you come through! Click here to see what we mean.
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