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Global transformation is a big job and Deepak Chopra, M.D., believes he’s up to the challenge. Chopra is a medical doctor and a pioneer in personal transformation and mind-body healing. One of his stated goals is to reach a billion people and help them personally transform. “It all starts with the individual,” Chopra tells Growing Bolder. “There cannot be global transformation in the absence of personal transformation. You can’t create peace unless you are peaceful yourself."

What may be most exciting about Dr. Chopra's statement is that for the first time in history, technology is making it possible to connect big thoughts with bold action.

And that's where we come in.

Growing Bolder recently took part in the Lake Nona Impact Forum, a unique annual event that attracts the biggest and brightest minds in healthcare and technology. At the forum, Dr. Chopra presented a new Lake Nona version of his digital wellness platform called JIYO. (Learn what that's all about in our Magazine cover article here!)

It’s no accident that the Impact Forum takes place in Lake Nona, one of America's healthiest and most visionary communities that is quickly becoming the global intersection of healthcare, technology, sports & human performance and in the very near future, healthy and creative aging.

And that’s why Growing Bolder is making a big move -- literally. We see an amazing future filled with opportunity in Lake Nona and are relocating the Growing Bolder headquarters and production studios to Lake Nona's vibrant and rapidly growing Town Center. This move and the strategic partnerships we’ll form in Lake Nona will accelerate our efforts in Rebranding Aging® and producing life-enhancing content for people of all ages.
Read all of the details about this exciting project in Growing Bolder Magazine.
If you’re never heard of Lake Nona, you will. It’s an intergenerational, family-friendly ecosystem with 40 percent green space, parks on every corner, pools in every neighborhood and more than 44 miles of trails. One of America’s fastest growing communities, Lake Nona is home to more than 11,000 residents and over 5,000 workers in its 650-acre Medical City, a world-renowned life sciences cluster. And as one of the most technologically advanced communities in the world, Lake Nona has a groundbreaking gigabit fiber optic pipeline that serves the growing needs of some of the world’s top healthcare and technology companies and enables the nearly frictionless, personalized delivery of educational and motivational health and wellness content to its residents.

Plus, it’s a “living lab” and the focus of the Lake Nona Life Project, a long-term, multigenerational longitudinal study by Johnson & Johnson Wellness Solutions and the Lake Nona Institute.

In a very real way, the solutions to many of the world’s healthcare problems are being imagined at the Lake Nona Impact Forum and then planted in the community of Lake Nona. What works here will be exported to other communities worldwide, making Lake Nona and Growing Bolder ground zero in the quest for healthy longevity.
Click here for all of the details and to see what all of this means for YOU, our Growing Bolder Insiders.
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