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You know and love us (we hope!) for our inspirational stories on our TV shows, our magazine, our radio show and on our website. And sometimes, we bring those same storytelling skills to other outlets. Below you'll find examples of some recent projects that we're particularly proud of. Take a moment to see what we've been up to lately! 
  OrthoNet TV Presents: Meniscus Surgery
This week, our partners at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic presented a video we produced at an annual Workers Comp conference that draws thousands of attendees from across the country. The video takes viewers inside the operating room for a meniscus repair surgery. And of course, we gave it our special GB touch. Click here to watch the video and see what it's like in the OR and to learn what patients can expect during diagnosis, surgery and rehab.
GB-Produced Trailer Wins Major Awards
We've been fascinated by Joanie Schirm and her family's story since we first featured her in a 2010 Growing Bolder story. When she decided to write a book about her family, she approached us about producing the book trailer. We eagerly jumped at the chance. Now, that trailer is being honored in a big way -- the Global Ebook Awards has named it the best ebook trailer of the year! And "Adventurers Against Their Will" was named the best nonfiction biography. Click here to see the trailer and learn more about Joanie's story.
  10,000+ Fans ... and counting!
This week, we're celebrating a pretty cool milestone. Thanks to your support, we reached (and quickly passed!) 10,000 likes on our Growing Bolder Facebook page! With our daily postings of motivational pictures, inspiring stories and thought-provoking discussions, we're building a global tribe of people from all walks of life who share one important thing in common: a belief it's NEVER too late to start Growing Bolder. Click here to join the fun!
GB Magazine: What Sets Us Apart
Growing Bolder Magazine is expanding in 2014 because it's unlike any other publication. Each and every page is filled with stories that inspire and provide hope about the possibilities in life. And it's not just us saying that. We checked in with some of our founding sponsors to see what Growing Bolder Magazine has meant to them during its first year of publication. Click here to see why they believe Growing Bolder Magazine isn't just entertainment -- it's saving lives.
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