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Surviving & Thriving

Debra Cruz thought she had the flu; instead, she discovered it was acute myeloid leukemia, a fast-moving blood disease. It was a shocking experience, but how Debra reacted to it is an important lesson. In fact, she discovered a new purpose. Click here to see what she now chooses to do with her life.

We are blessed to meet real people who inspire us and show us how to never accept what the mainstream press tells us about aging. Age is just an attitude and nobody embodies this better than some of our Team GB Elite Bloggers! Not only are these writers surviving, but they are true examples of thriving!
  From Broken Neck to Broken Records
After taking up the sport of cycling at age 64, Sandy Scott broke his neck and then had to find the will to fight back. Fight back he did, and now Sandy owns multiple state championships as well as a national championship. Read Sandy's inspiring blogs now.
Moving Past Tragedy
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson was one of several Syracuse students studying art in London in 1988. But a chance decision to opt for further travel kept her off the doomed Pan Am Flight 103 that took the lives of her roommates and friends. Elizabeth knows the most tragic event of her life was also the most inspirational. See what she says about it 25 years later.
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If you or someone you know has a story of survival, we want to hear about it. Life is full of hard knocks and so we love stories of overcoming disease, trauma, or adversity. These are perfect examples of Surviving & Thriving, or perhaps your entire life has embodied such an attitude. For example, GB Elite Blogger Oleda Baker shows us how to defy the trappings of aging. So what's your story? What can you share to inspire our readers? Tell us now.