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When an illness forced career educator Nan Druskin into an early retirement, she worried how she'd spend her days. Fortunately, she discovered a new passion -- engaging with new people at her local community center. Now, she not only improves her body with daily workouts at the center, she's found a strong, robust social circle she never imagined existed.

Get her tips for making friends, something that can be difficult as an adult, and see why she credits her new fitness family with changing her entire life.
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Growing Bolder is proud to present this story as part of our partnership with the Winter Park Health Foundation and its forthcoming Center for Health & Wellbeing, scheduled to open in late 2018.
Together, we’re building the Wellbeing Network, an online, go-to resource for education, motivation, and real-life stories featuring the seven dimensions of wellbeing: those integral parts of our mind, body, and spirit that form the very essence of our wellbeing, and need life-long nurturing.


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Ernestine Shepherd is living proof that’s it’s never too late to achieve. She never worked out a day in her life until she was 56 years old.

Now in her 70s, she says she’s never felt better and never been more successful. Not only is she a personal trainer, she is also a model! She believes there are three main qualities that can improve your life — determination, dedication and discipline.

She’s also a big proponent of encouragement, inspiration and family support. And she talks about that and much more with Growing Bolder here.
Fitness and nutrition professional Bethanne Weiss is passionate about helping people move (more) and keep health and wellness at the top of the to-do list. It's a story deeply rooted in personal experience, from her own health challenges to navigating the world of caregiving.
Lisa Lynn is a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert who specializes in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. Her take on losing weight is very different and it’s changing the lives of people around the world.
Even our own Growing Bolder CEO, Marc Middleton, continues his search for the Fountain of Youth. He's leading by example when it comes to active longevity, and you can read more about his journey and what keeps him motivated to move here.
Need a functional fitness workout that you can do from home? Click here to try a (free!) plan, designed to address many areas vital to functioning well in later life, such as dynamic balance, muscle power, agility, core stability, multi-directional whole body strength and endurance.

And it follows the key principles of the Functional Aging Training Model™ developed by the Functional Aging Institute.
We're sending best wishes to the family and loved ones of Alene Duerk, who died this week at the age of 98. Duerk, a nurse, enlisted in the military during World War II and eventually rose through the ranks. She became the first female Rear Admiral in the history of the U.S. Navy, and talked about her extraordinary journey on Growing Bolder Radio. We thank her for her service, and proudly share this interview in her honor.
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